The Cognition, Behavior & Evolution Network (CBEN) unites scholars working in the fields of evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, human biology, primatology, philosophy, and cultural evolution. The aim of CBEN is to facilitate research and education in relation to the evolution of cognition and behavior. Its basis is in The Netherlands and Belgium but scholars from other countries were welcome to join as well. CBEN organised a conference with 'Cultural Evoluation' as central theme (November 22-23, 2018). 

Day 1: Cultural Evolution & Culture and Cooperation

  • Plenary Talk "Cultural Attraction Theory: What, Why, and How?" by Prof. Dr. Dan Sperber
Session: cultural transmission of false beliefs
  • Why does Witchcraft still exist in Certain Ethnic Group? A model of witchcraft in the world. By Xuejing Du, Laura van Toor, Mariska E Kret
  • Cognitive attraction and online misinformation. By Alberto Acerbi
  • Viral persecutions? A cultural Darwinian analysis of the witch-hunts - Steije Hofhuis, Utrecht University

Session: Cultural evolution, from micro to macro

  • ​Social learning strategies and word-of-mouths regulate human collective intelligence. By Wataru Toyokawa (University of St Andrews)
  • Acculturation orientations affect the evolution of a multicultural society. By Yagmur Erten, Pieter van den Berg & Franz J. Weissing
  • Public opinion change explained by the moral psychology of liberals and conservatives. By Frederik Jansson

Day 2: Cultural Evolution & Interpersonal Relationship, Emotion, Communication

  • Plenary Talk "From Big Men to Bigness: The Entanglement of Prominence, Generosity, and Social Support" by Dr. Eleonor Power

​Session: Honor and reputation

  • Male support for female honor norms as a mate-guarding tactic. By Tom R. Kupfer (VU Amsterdam) & Pelin Gul (Iowa State University)

Session: Disgust and cultural transmission​

  • ​Innate food aversions and culturally transmitted food avoidances in pregnancy: separate systems to protect the fetus? By Edward H. Hagen & Caitlyn Placek
  • Hungry for emotions: The effect of food deprivation on the evaluation of disgust-eliciting images. By Perone, P. & Tybur, J. M.

​Session: Communication and language

  • ​Investing selection pressures on grammar with agent-based models. By Katrien Beuls (VUB) Paul Van Eecke (VUB) Freek Van de Velde (KU Leuven)
  • Adding culture to a model of sign language persistence. By Katie Mudd & Bart de Boer

The CBEN 2018 event was sponsored by FWO, EHBEA, HBES and CES