MIOS researchers at the International Communication Association Conference

The 69th annual conference of the International Communication Association was organized in Washington DC (May 24-28 2019). 

The following studies of MIOS researchers were presented at the conference :

  • Shuang Chen, Lara Schreurs, Sara Pabian, Laura Vandenbosch, When Taking Selfies Becomes Dangerous: Explaining Risky Selfies on Social Media among Adolescents.
  • Rowan Daneels, Heidi Vandebosch, Michel Walrave, Just for fun? Digital games’ potential for meaningful media experiences among adolescents.
  • Lies De Kimpe, Michel Walrave, Koen Ponnet, A quantitative content analysis of topics, victims and coping strategies in online cybercrime news.
  • Katrien Maldoy, Inducing eating pleasure through social cues: an opportunity to promote healthy eating among adolescents?
  • Gaëlle Ouvrein, Karen Verswijvel, Charlotte De Backer, David Giles, Heidi Vandebosch, Development and validation of the Celebrity Gossip Motives Scale
  • Gaëlle Ouvrein and Karen Verswijvel, Sharenting: Parental Adoration or Public Humiliation? A Focus Group Study on Adolescents’ Experiences with Sharenting against the Background of their own Impression Management. 
  • Sara Pabian, Consumer-to-consumer conflicts on brand fan pages on Facebook: How should the brand react?
  • Karolien Poels, Siegfried Dewitte, The Role of Emotions in Advertising: A Call to Action. 
  • Konrad Rudnicki, Gaëlle Ouvrein, Charlotte De Backer, Celebrity bashing and empathy - intranasal oxytocin administration reduces the acceptance for online celebrity bashing.
  • Karen Verswijvel, Michel Walrave, Kris Hardies, Wannes Heirman, “Mom, dad, stop being a sharent”: Adolescents’ protection behavior toward sharenting on Facebook. 
  • Karen Verswijvel, Michel Walrave, Kris Hardies, Wannes Heirman, Sharenting, is it familiarizing or embarrassing? Understanding how adolescents think and feel about sharenting. 

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