Four-year project AdLit investigates online advertising literacy among children and adolescents

Adlit is an interdisciplinary research project that investigates minors' advertising literacy level for new advertising formats.

This four-year project is funded by the IWTAgency for Innovation by Science and Technology.

A consortium of research partners from Ghent University, University of Antwerp, Free University Brussels and KULeuven will investigate how minors' advertising literacy level for the new advertising formats can be improved.

This multidisciplinary project including researchers from Communication Studies, Marketing, Law and Educational Studies.

Consortium partners of the project are:

  • Verolien Cauberghe and Liselot Hudders (UGent, CEPEC, coordinators), Katarina Panic (UGent, CEPEC, researcher),
  • Patrick De Pelsmacker (UAntwerpen, Department Marketing, copromotor),
  • Michel Walrave,  Karolien Poels, Koen Ponnet (Uantwerp, MIOS, copromotors),
  • Joke Bauwens (Free University Brussels, SMIT, copromotor),
  • Eva Lievens, Peggy Valcke (KULeuven, ICRI, copromotors),
  • Dirk Voorhoof (UGent, CJS, copromotor),
  • Tammy Schellens, Martin Valcke (UGent, Department of Educational Studies, copromotors).

During this four-year  (september 2014 - 2018) scientific project we will investigate how children and teens process new (online) advertising formats. The project has the following main objectives: 

1) offer an in-depth analysis of the advertising/persuasion knowledge of minors concerning new advertising formats,

2) develop tools to increase advertising literacy among minors,

3) develop a legal and self-regulatory framework to protect minors from specific persuasive techniques.

For more information on MIOS' involvement in this project, you can contact researcher Brahim Zarouali and/or co-supervisors Michel Walrave, Karolien Poels & Koen Ponnet

Follow updates of the project on @AdlitSBO