Some of the current research projects conducted by MIOS researchers focus on children’s and adolescents’ uses of ICT, and more particularly the risks they are confronted with. 

Several projects investigate cyberbullying, including fundamental and applied research projects. Besides, how children and youngsters process and respond to online marketing is analysed. Moreover, adolescents' self-disclosure in social network sites as well as their disclosure of personal data in online marketing, are investigated.  Also internet users’ online shopping experiences and how they process advergames and in-game advertising is studied.  

Our team also investigates online dating, the use of social media in romantic relationships and the exchange of intimate personal information (e.g., sexting). 

Hereafter you will find an overview of our recent research projects. This is followed by the list of past research projects. For more information, plase contact the promotors and researchers. 


Ongoing projects

Past projects

Publications in the spotlight

Moving towards transparency for native advertisements on news websites : a test of more detailed disclosures
Krouwer Simone   Poels Karolien   Paulussen Steve  
International journal of advertising - ISSN 0265-0487-39:1 (2020) p. 51-73
Parents' concerns over internet use, their engagement in interaction restrictions, and adolescents' behavior on social networking sites
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Taking it to the next level : the negligible role of trust when online dating goes offline
Hallam Lara   De Backer Charlotte   Walrave Michel  
Computers in human behavior - ISSN 0747-5632-90 (2019) p. 259-264
"Were you cyberbullied? Let me help you." : studying adolescents' online peer support of cyberbullying victims using thematic analysis of online support group fora
Bastiaensens Sara   Van Cleemput Katrien   Vandebosch Heidi   Poels Karolien   DeSmet Ann   De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse  
Narratives in research and interventions on cyberbullying among young people / Vandenbosch, Heidi [edit.]; et al.-p. 95-112
Sexting within adolescents' romantic relationships : how is it related to perceptions of love and verbal conflict?
Van Ouytsel Joris   Walrave Michel   Ponnet Koen  
Computers in human behavior - ISSN 0747-5632-97 (2019) p. 216-221
Celebrity bashing : price for fame or misplaced blame? An investigation of the involvement in celebrity bashing from the perspective of bystander, perpetrator and victim
Ouvrein Gaëlle  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication Studies, 2019,374 p.
Cyber dating abuse victimization among secondary school students from a lifestyle-routine activities theory perspective
Van Ouytsel Joris   Ponnet Koen   Walrave Michel  
Journal of interpersonal violence - ISSN 0886-2605-33:17 (2018) p. 2767-2776

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