Pharmaceutical Analysis – Prof. S. Apers

Prof. Sandra Apers was specialized in pharmaceutical analysis and chromatographic techniques. She had already obtained many research projects in collaboration with industry and other research groups. Since 2007, she was the scientific director of the University Centre for the Analysis of Pharmaceuticals and Health Products (UCAG²), a control lab with the quality standard conform ISO 17025.
Her expertise was internationally recognized, as her membership of international regulatory commissions shows: since May 2002 Member of the Belgian Pharmacopoeia Commission - Commission Pharmacognosy, and since January 2008 of expert Group 13A (Pharmacognosy) of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission. In the Fund for Scientific Research (FWO) she became member of commission Med 1 since January 2008.

Unfortunately, on February 5 2017 Sandra passed away.

In honour of her scientific efforts her work is continued by her team.