Final event TETRA 'Smart Data Clouds'

On November 29, we organized our ‘Health Care With Vision’ TETRA event. During this event, we updated participants on the latest innovations in the field of health care applications, using cameras. We were happy to welcome diverse and reputable speakers such as prof. dr. Pascal Verdonck, dr. ir. Birgit Morlion and dr. ir. Roger Diels amongst others, who shared their inspiring visions on the future and their state-of-the-art technologies. The networker drink at the end of the day was the cherry on the cake of a successful event.

Get a glimpse of the programme:

  • MedTech Flanders: Technologische evoluties binnen de zorgsector (Pascal Verdonck)
  • Op3Mech: TETRA-resultaten en Kinect ‘People tracking’ (Luc Mertens)
  • Zorg proeftuinen: Randvoorwaarden bij het toepassen van technologie in de zorgsector (Birgit Morlion)
  • Centrum voor zorgtechnologie: ‘Stakeholder centered design’ (Walter Daems)
  • QuantaCorp: Het 3D opmeten van personen (Lex de Grijs)
  • ...

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