The exponential development of Artificial Intelligence: How will technology impact society?

By assistant-professor Stijn Derammelaere, December 12th 2017, DELEN Private Bank luxembourg

Nowadays, the media reports a lot about new spectacular developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Ranging from software that can determine your sexual orientation based on one photo to drones which autonomously decide to attack terrorist groups. Everyday, there is the launch of yet another application or a technology expert who warns about the potentially devastating impact of AI. This means, it is high time to put some things in perspective. Our speaker guides you through the developments of the last years with passion and brio. Based on tangible examples and clarifying results, he wants to strip AI of his mystical status. It should be clear which mechanisms are the breeding ground for these rapid developments and what the possibilities and limitations of the technology are today. We will focus on new developments that are ready to breakthrough in the real economic. Among other things, attention will be paid to the development of self-driving cars, speech technology and, above all, the impact of forward-looking automation on the labor market and society.

Our speaker, Professor Stijn Derammelaere is the Mechatronics expert at the University of Antwerp. Mechatronics in which cooperation between ICT and machines is central has been an important source of innovation for Western industry in recent years. Therefore, the team of Professor Derammelaere works closely with Flemish industrial partners to strengthen their competitive position. His social reflex means that he also links economic and social questions to every technological breakthrough and attaches great importance to communicating comprehensibly about new technological possibilities.

Practical information:
Address: 287 route d'Arlon - ctre Descartes, L-1150 Luxembourg
Time: 19h-20h30 (talk) 20h30-22h (reception)