Project ASLAN



Antwerp's Sign Language Actuating Node

Offering the deaf a helping hand



Meet Aslan, the user-friendly and low-cost humanoid robot.

Designed by a team consisting of three engineering students at the University of Antwerp, the Aslan robot is a piece of state of the art technology. Anticipating on the needs of the Flemish deaf community we try to design a user-friendly and affordable humanoid robot. This robot can be used as a sign language interpreter in order to reduce the communication barrier between the hearing and the deaf community.

Because of his innovative design, Aslan stays affordable, without losing durability. After printing the parts from a 3D-printer, they can easily be assembled. The use of 3D-printing technology makes it possible to cut the production costs, as well as carrying out modifications or repairs when necessary.

More information can be found here

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