Sensalo: Sensing and Simulation for Smart Assembly and Logistics


Improving human-machine-robot intraction using 3D sensors in combination with factory plant simulations.

Project objectives

• Reducing the assembly times and errors for low product volume processes.
• Increasing the involvement of humans in the manufacturing and assembly process.
• Improving safety of manufacturing and assembly processes (e.g. through collision avoidance of AGVs or COBOTs).
• Monitoring of workshop operations (i.e. determining the positions of humans, machines and products during manufacturing and assembly).

Approach: we will develop …

• a procedure to couple 3D simulations to 3D vision sensor data to obtain the location and orientation of products and machines.
• a technique to analyse human operations using simulations and 3D vision sensors (even if part of the body is behind an obstacle).
• a methodology to optimize the location of 2D and 3D vision sensors in order to have a maximum visibility of humans, machines and products in a factory environment.
• an approach to feed back information to humans (through smart glasses and LCD projection).


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