SINT: Smart Integration of Numerical modeling with Thermal inspection (Granted)


People are excellent in qualitative detection of anomalies, but what about quantitative
measuring these anomalies? For this purpose, computers outperform humans in terms
of precision, nevertheless in practice, high-end calibration is cumbersome. So why not
merging both worlds and integrate qualitative thermal measurements with computer
simulations to receive more accurate measurements and better simulation models?
How to integrate this other world in what we already know? Which new applications can
we find by integrating both? We can look together for the answers.

Application domains


  • Quantitative performance inspection for HVAC
  • Quantitative energy performance measurements
  • Harsh Environment Inspection
  • Fusion of Thermal measurements with numerical simulation
  • Fast delamination inspection of multilayer materials using automatic scanning
  • ...

We listen to your ideas and related problems to implement in our proposal.

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The flyer with our initial proposal can be downloaded here (3Mb).

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