ACIVS 2016

Boris Bogaerts presented  "A Simple Evaluation Procedure for Range Camera Measurement Quality" at ACIVS 2016 in Lecce, Italy

QIRT 2016

Gunther Steenackers presented "From thermal inspection to updating a numerical model of a race bicycle" at QIRT 2016 in Gdansk Poland
Bicycle frame mesh and simulated temperature distribution

Bart Ribbens presented "4D Active and passive thermography measurement system using a KUKA KR16 robot and time-of-flight imaging" at QIRT 2016 in Gdansk Poland
3D IR image of billiard balls

Aivela 2016:

 Seppe Sels gave a presentation about "3D camera assisted fully automated calibration of scanning laser Doppler vibrometers" at the 12th conference on vibration measurements by laser and noncontact techniques in Ancona Italy.