3D imaging assisted vibration measurements for product testing and quality control


In this project we will develop a technique that combines information from 3D time-of-flight camera's and computer-aided-design drawings of a product in order to facilitate product testing and quality control. The proposed procedure firstly allows the test engineer to automatically determine the sensor positions on a product. Secondly, we develop a methodology to perform vibration measurements on moving components (wind turbines, wind screen wipers, etc. or products on a conveyor belt).


Main Focus

  • Industrial 3D-vision technology
    • Combine 3D vision techniques like CAD-matching with vibrometry measurements
  • Advanced mechanical design and CAE
    • Use (3D) vibrometry measurements directly in FEA without interpolation/manipulation of measurement data

More Info

Poster: Automated Vibration Measurements (link)

Article: Automated Vibration Measurements (external link)





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