Defended PhD Theses

Stefano Peruško (joint PhD with Free University of Brussels - ULB)
Silver-promoted Direct Alkylation of Electron-Rich (Hetero)arenes with Manolates. 17.05.2023

Karthik Gadde 
Development of Sustainable Catalytic Methods: Aza-Cope Rearrangement of Homoallylamines and Thiosulfonylation of Alkenes, 02.02.2022

Clémént Jacob (joint PhD with Free University of Brussels - ULB)
Functionalization of anilines through C-H and C-N bonds activation using rhodium and photoredox catalysis, 29.09.2022

Jurriën Collet (joint PhD with Free University of Amsterdam - VUAmsterdam)
Transition Metal-Catalyzed Isocyanide Insertions: From Noble to Base Metal Catalysis, 13.09.2021

Jeroen Bomon
Chemical transformation of bio-aromatic feedstock into building blocks for the production of bulk and fine chemicals, 02.02.2021

Karlijn Hollanders (joint PhD with Free University of Brussels - VUB)
Transition metal-catalyzed directed amide cleavages for use in peptidomimetic research, 26.11.2019


Tom Willemse (joint PhD with Free University of Brussels - VUB)
Peptide diversification: Palladium-catalyzed derivatization of peptidic lead compounds in aqueous media, 23.02.2018

Bénédicte Morel
Construction of xanthines and pyrimido[4,5-d]pyrimidines via base metal-catalyzed direct oxidative coupling reactions, 20.04.2018


Hans Sterckx
Base metal-catalyzed aerobic benzylic oxygenations, 13.06.2018


Pieter Mampuys (joint PhD with Free University of Amsterdam – VUAmsterdam)
Multicomponent Chemistry with Thiosulfonate and Isocyanide Building Blocks: Challenges and Opportunities for Green Chemistry. 12.12.2017


Mattijs Baeten
Towards a new synthesis of benzodiazines based on C(sp2)-H activation: direct oxidative amination versus rearrangement, 15.12.2016


Jens Maes
Investigation of new approaches towards C8-C9 annulated purines, 21.04.2016


Jeroen Geuens
Valorisation of waste triglyceride and free fatty acid feedstocks by means of microwave-assisted (trans)esterification, 25.04.2014


Veerle Smout
Direct Arylation of Piperidines and Related Cyclic Amines via Ruthenium Catalyzed sp3 C-H Activation, 04.12.2013


Johan De Houwer
Towards the synthesis of (deoxy) variolin B and 7-deazapurine analogs based on a base metal catalyzed benzylic oxidation, 23.05.2013


Geert Smeulders
The next step in the synthesis of crystalline-like benzene bridged Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica materials, 17.04.2012


Tom Verhelst
Functionalization of pyridazin-3(2H)-ones via metalation, 27.01.2012


Tom Rauws
Synthesis and decoration of new C(8)-N(9) annulated purines, 28.06.2011


Stefaan Verbeeck
Fundamental Aspects of SNH and Pd-Catalyzed reactions, 30.05.2011


Gitte Van Baelen
Synthesis and evaluation of derivatives of 5-methyl-5H-indolo[2,3-c]quinoline (isoneocryptolepine); a new antiplasmodial indoloquinoline, 08.12.2009


Steven Hostyn
Synthesis of Aminoalkylamino-substituted Neocryptolepine Analogues: Valorisation of the Cryptolepine Alkaloids as Antimalarials, 26.06.2008


Caroline Meyers
Pd-Catalyzed Reactions: Fundamental Aspects and Applications for the Synthesis of Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors, 30.05.2008