Sustainable Chemistry Symposium 2015

Dear colleague,

On May 12th  2015 in the afternoon the University of Antwerp organized an interactive educational workshop on Green Chemistry taught by experts in the field from York University and GSK in the UK. The aim of the course was to train graduate level scientists from both academia and industry (e.g. Master’s, PhD and postdocs) in the application of green chemistry principles in order to drive forward the development of greener and more efficient routes and sustainable alternatives. This highly interactive session used a broad range of cutting-edge case studies and industrial examples and is suitable for students, academics and industrialists from the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and the wider chemical manufacturing industries.

On May 13th 2015 there was a one day symposium "Chemistry as an enabler for a Sustainable Society". The program featured 6 lectures of one hour delivered by renowned scientists. The session covered the state-of-the-art in the subject area and touch upon the major challenges to chemical sustainability. Alongside these lectures the conclusions of CHEM21 ‘Vision 2020’ were presented. This in-depth review describes the requirements to make small molecule pharmaceutical manufacture more sustainable and many conclusions are widely applicable to all fine chemicals sectors. The target audience consisted of both academics and industrialists as this symposium aims to be a meeting place for academia and industry in Belgium on a contemporary topic which is crucial to face the societal challenges of the 21st century. Scientists from neighbouring regions of the Netherlands and Germany are also welcome.

The symposium is free but registration is mandatory. As the number of places is limited we will work on a first-come-first-served basis.

I would like to thank our sponsors (FWO WOG “Sustainable Chemistry for the Synthesis of Fine Chemicals”, The Sustainable Chemistry Network Antwerp, The Antwerp Green Chemistry Consortium of Excellence, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Lawter, BRS, TCI, Roth, Analis, Bruker, FilterService) as without their generous support it would be impossible to organize this event.

Looking forward to meeting you at one or both events,

Bert Maes

Prof. Dr. Bert U.W. Maes
Research Professor
Division Organic Synthesis
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
Universiteit Antwerpen