Green Chemistry Educational Workshop

Green Chemistry Educational Workshop

 Green Chemistry for the 21st Century Chemical Industries

12th May 2015

13:15               Registration
14:00               Welcome and introduction
14:10               Ice breaker Part 1
14:15               Towards greener reactions Part 1
14:30               Amidation exercise Part 1
14:45               Feedback and Discussion
14:55               Towards greener reactions Part 2
15:10               Amidation exercise Part 2
15:20               Feedback and Discussion
15:25               The CHEM21 Metrics toolkit
15:40               Ice breaker Part 2

15:45               Coffee break

16:15               Morpholine exercise Part 1
16:45               Feedback and Discussion
17:00               Metrics interpretation
17:20               Tools and guides
17:45               Morpholine exercise Part 2
17:50               Summary and Feedback

18:00               End of Workshop


Workshop Facilitators

Louise Summerton (University of York)
Dr. Sarah Abou-Shehada (University of York)
Dr. Leonie Jones (University of York)
Dr. John Hayler (GlaxoSmithKline)
Catherine Alder (GlaxoSmithKline)

An exciting opportunity to learn about new approaches for critically assessing synthetic methodologies and working towards greener and more sustainable solutions. This will be a highly interactive session involving group work and problem solving exercises, using a broad range of cutting-edge case studies and industrial examples. Suitable for students, academics and industrialists from the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and the wider chemical manufacturing industries.

Topics will include:

  • Route analysis and interpretation: real life case studies, critical thinking and considerations
  • Green Metrics - Using a holistic approach to drive forward the development of greener and more efficient routes and sustainable alternatives
  • Identification of ‘hot-spots’ and bottlenecks in current synthetic routes
  • Solvent and reagent selection (including bio-derived solvents) using industry guides
  • Reducing our dependence on ‘critical’ elements – smarter solutions
  • Renewable feedstocks and platform molecules
  • Upstream and downstream considerations

Certificate of attendance for CPD/doctoral training available upon request.