How to reach Antwerp

From Brussels International Airport Zaventem

Train (see website of the Belgian Railroads)

The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). There are two direct trains between the airport and the station Antwerp-Central each hour. The travel time is approximately 35 minutes and the average price of a one-way ticket in class 2 is about 12 Euro.

Airport express (see Airport express website)

The bus stop is located below the airport terminal (level 0). The stop in Antwerp is located at Koningin Astridplein in front of the Ibis Styles Antwerpen City Center hotel and nearby the Central Station. Please note that the bus has two stops. The Crowne Plaza hotel stop is the first one and the bus will only stop there upon request by customers.

The price of a ticket for this bus is about 10 Euro for a one-way trip. The bus driver can provide the ticket before departure. Payments can only be made in cash, in Euro or in USD (amount dependent of the current rate). Each hour there is one bus from the airport to Antwerp.


Taxis with a taximeter are available in front of the arrivals hall. This option will be very expensive (about 100 Euro).


From Eurostar Train Station Brussels-Midi/Zuid (see website of the Belgian Railroads)

The Eurostar arrives in the train station Brussels-Midi/Zuid. After arrival walk towards the main entrance of the station. If your Eurostar ticket does not include an Any Belgian Station option, you can buy a ticket in the main entrance hall at the counter or at the ticket machine. A one-way ticket in class 2 is about 7 Euro. There are up to 8 trains per hour between Brussels and Antwerp and the travel time is less than 1 hour.


From Antwerp International Airport (Deurne)

Public transportation (see De Lijn bus company website)

Bus 51, 52 or 53 brings you from Antwerp Airport to Antwerp-Berchem railway station in 10 minutes. At the railway station you can transfer on a bus number 21 and 32 or a tram number 9 and 11 to F. Rooseveltplaats, this is a square near Antwerp-Central railway station.


Upon arrival of scheduled flights taxis are available at the exit of the airport building. In case the number of taxis is insufficient, you can ask the Airport Security Service to call additional taxis. The price will be about 20 Euro.