Poster 808

Effect of Sucroferric Oxyhydroxide (PA21) on renal function, mineral homeostasis and vascular calcification in a rat model with chronic kidney disease (pdf - 700 kb)

Poster 807

Sclerostin: a mediator between bone and vasculature? (pdf - 1600 kb)

Poster 809

Histopathological and functional characterization of nephrectomy-induced renal repair (pdf - 1100 kb)

Poster 804

Optimization of an in vitro model for vascular smooth muscle cell calcification (pdf -1600 kb)


Development of iron deficient anemia and heart failure in a rat model of CKD-MBD: a suitable model to study the cardiorenal syndrome (pdf - 1800 kb)


Adenine-induced chronic kidney disease: Characterization and comparison of cardiovascular calcification in two mouse strains (pdf - 2500 kb)


Warfarin-induced vascular calcification: Underlying cellular mechanisms and effects on bone mineralization (pdf - 1000 kb)


In vivo effect of indoxyl sulfate and p-cresyl sulfate on the development of vascular calcification in rats with adenine-induced uremia (pdf - 1300 kb)


Characterization and comparison of cardiovascular calcification in two mouse strains with adenine-induced CKD (pdf - 680 kb)


Attenuation of renal fibrosis after unilateral ischemia reperfusion may require a multi-target approach (pdf - 1200 kb)


Metformin treatment protects against renal failure development and preserves normal phosphorus and calcium balance (pdf - 2800 kb)

Alternative model of chronic renal failure allowing concomitant evaluation of vascular calcification and bone pathology (pdf - 2020 kb)
poster 655

Can established vascular calcification be reversed by pyrophosphate or sevelamer in an animal model of chronic renal failure? (pdf - 1900 kb)

Indoxyl sulfate contributes to vascular calcification in rats with chronic renal failure (pdf - 740 kb)

Fibrotic outcome after various conditions of renal ischemia/reperfusion in mice (pdf - 519 kb)

Alternative model of chronic renal failure allowing concomitant evaluation of vascular calcification and bone pathology (pdf - 780 kb)

Evaluation of intestinal phosphate binding to improve the safety profile of oral sodium phosphate bowel cleansing (pdf - 980 kb)

masterinfo Laboratory of Pathophysiology: Tools and Projects. Masterinfo 2014
Poster 622

A mouse model of nephrectomy-induced enhanced renal repair: an elegant tool to study renal regeneration (pdf - 462 kB)

Poster 621

Therapeutic efficacy of DNA-demethylation therapy initiated during progressive renal fibrosis (pdf - 841 kB)

Poser 620

Sclerostin and DKK-1 levels across CKD stages (pdf - 200 kB)

Poster 619

Effects of a magnesium based phosphate binder on bone metabolism in a rat model of chronic renal failure (pdf - 677 kB)

Poster 618

Evaluation of two rat chronic kidney disease (CKD) models to study efficacy of alternative anemia treatments (pdf - 190 kB)

Poster 612

DPP4 inhibition attenuates bone loss in diabetic rats (pdf -  278 kB)

Poster 593

Effectiveness of a magnesium-based phosphate binder on the development of medial calcification in uremic rats (625 kB)

Poster 595

Low PTH and high circulating sclerostin levels are independently associated with low bone specific alkaline phosphatase levels in hemodialysis patients (pdf - 541 kB)