Research mission

The Laboratory of Pathophysiology:
a translational research platform in kidney, vessels and bone.

fundamental, preclinical and clinical research

The Laboratory of Pathophysiology is a multidisciplinary team performing basic as well as applied research on mechanisms, treatment and prevention of disease.

Our lab started in 1980 by research in nephrology. As renal failure has major effects on blood flow and bone metabolism, we broadened our spectrum focusing on renal, vascular and bone pathology.

We offer an integrated approach from animal studies and cell culture to preclinical and clinical trials, support and consultancy.

Research topics 2017

Kidney Cell cycle control during renal repair in acute / chronic kidney disease
Kidney Cell biology of renal regeneration
Vessels Mechanisms and treatment of vascular media calcification
Vessels Molecular mechanisms underlying vessel stiffening
Vessels and bone The calcification paradox: how to treat bone disease without inducing vascular calcification?
Vessels and bone Wnt β-catenin inhibitors (sclerostin, DKK-1): their role in mineral metabolism?
Kidney and bone Status / evolution of renal bone disease / osteoporosis
Kidney, vessels, bone Study of the cardiorenal syndrome   
Kidney, vessels, bone Drug-induced (side) effects on mineral metabolism/kidney function by: 
  • phosphate binding agents
  • calcimimetics
  • calcification inhibitors
  • anti -diabetic agents: DPP4 inhibitors, metformin
  • anti-viral agents



Labo Pathophysiology Campus Drie Eiken - T gebouw
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk
Tel. +32 3 265 25 99