Poster 821

Nephrectomy induced renal repair after AKI prevents progression to CKD by an early immunosuppressive action (pdf - 2000 kb)

Poster 820

Protein bound uremic toxins promote vascular calcification by glucose mediated activation of inflammation and coagulation pathways (pdf - 2400 kb)

Poster 819

Sclerostin, a potential mediator in the bone-vascular axis (pdf - 1400 kb)

Poster 818

Tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase inhibition: a novel strategy to prevent the development of vascular calcification? (pdf - 1200 kb)

Poster 816

INS-3001 efficiently inhibits severe vascular calcifications by direct interference with vessel wall calcification (pdf - 1600 kb)

Poster 808

Effect of Sucroferric Oxyhydroxide (PA21) on renal function, mineral homeostasis and vascular calcification in a rat model with chronic kidney disease (pdf - 700 kb)

Poster 809

Histopathological and functional characterization of nephrectomy-induced renal repair (pdf - 1100 kb)


Development of iron deficient anemia and heart failure in a rat model of CKD-MBD: a suitable model to study the cardiorenal syndrome (pdf - 1800 kb)


Adenine-induced chronic kidney disease: Characterization and comparison of cardiovascular calcification in two mouse strains (pdf - 2500 kb)


Warfarin-induced vascular calcification: Underlying cellular mechanisms and effects on bone mineralization (pdf - 1000 kb)


Attenuation of renal fibrosis after unilateral ischemia reperfusion may require a multi-target approach (pdf - 1200 kb)


Metformin treatment protects against renal failure development and preserves normal phosphorus and calcium balance (pdf - 2800 kb)

Alternative model of chronic renal failure allowing concomitant evaluation of vascular calcification and bone pathology (pdf - 2020 kb)
poster 655

Can established vascular calcification be reversed by pyrophosphate or sevelamer in an animal model of chronic renal failure? (pdf - 1900 kb)

Indoxyl sulfate contributes to vascular calcification in rats with chronic renal failure (pdf - 740 kb)

Fibrotic outcome after various conditions of renal ischemia/reperfusion in mice (pdf - 519 kb)