Multi-level governance and globalisation

Private ordering is an aspect of multi-level governance, which is our general content driver. We conceive multi-level governance as the interplay between private and public regulators at multiple (inter)national levels. We approach our projects from three perspectives of multi-level governance. Firstly, we focus on the dichotomy Contract vs Status in order to divide competences between private and public legal actors, and to define the remaining competences for State bodies. Secondly, we research the influence of public law on private law relationships. Whereas the focus is on the direct effect of human rights law, PR2 more broadly researches the "Europeanisation" of private (international) law, both in the COE and EU-context. Thirdly, private international law regulates the interplay between the Belgian and foreign legal systems. Our focus here is on the growing number of 'limping legal relationships’ and other restraints and on the legal uncertainty for citizens.