The contact details and main research interests of the members of Politics & Public Governance are listed below. You can find more information on each member's specific research interest, projects and academic bibliography on their personal page.


Prof. dr. Koen Verhoest (spokesperson)
Research interests: public administration & management; organization and governance of public tasks; with a special focus onautonomy and control of agencies; regulation of liberalized markets;  public private partnerships; coordination of wicked issues

Prof. dr. Peter Bursens
Research interests: European decision-making; Europeanization; federalism; democratic legitimacy of multi-level political systems; skills teaching in political science

Prof. dr. Ria Janvier
Research interests: public administration & management; working conditions; public sector; labor unions; HR management; psychological contract; diversity management; workforce; administrative law

Prof. dr. Petra Meier
Research interests: political representation; equality policies; gender issues: social groups; the reproduction of inequality; discursive approaches to the study of normativity in policies; ethnofederations

Prof. dr. Frédérique Six
Research interests: trust and distrust in public governance; trust and regulation; trust and control; trust-based governance​

Prof. dr. Wouter Van Dooren
Research interests: public administration & management; performance; performance management; performance measurement; collaboration complexity; accountability

Associated professors

Prof. dr. Dirk De Bièvre
Research interests: international cooperation and trade policies; trade policy of the EU, USA, Canada and China; transatlantic relations; World Trade Organization (WTO); interest groups in the EU; European Banking Union; German politics

Prof. dr. Jan Wynen
Research interests: the way public sector organizations react, or can be organized to adapt, to changing environments

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Ana Paula Salej Gomes
Research interests: inequality and equality policies; gender issues; public administration and management paradigms; diversity management

Dr. Jan Boon
Research interests: bureaucratic reputation; mediatization of bureaucracy; public sector communication

Dr. Inger De Wilde
Research interests: public administration; contractual and statutory employment; management and law; labour law and HRM; personnel management; industrial relation

Dr. Monika Glavina
Research interests: trust in governance; judicial behaviour; empirical legal studies; EU law; European integration; law and economics

Dr. Bjorn Kleizen
Research interests: public management; organizational reform; organizational psychology; EU external relations; EU law

Dr. Sophie Op de Beeck
Research interests: public administration & management; trust in multi-level governance; public personnel administration; HRM implementation


Chesney Callens
​Research interests: collaborative innovation; networks and partnerships; ICT-enabled service delivery

Laura Cleton
Research interests: EU policy making; mutli-level governance; migration and refugee studies; return migration policies; gender and intersectionality and family migration​

​Jolijn De Roover
Research interests: local governance; local autonomy; public financial flows; policy coordination

Steven De Vadder
Research interests: municipal amalgamations; performance-satisfaction gap; social media communication by public sector organisations; automated text analysis

Emmanuel ​Dockx
Research interests: public administration; coordination of wicked policy issues; organizational reform; local government; e-government and citizen participation

Lars Dorren
Research interests: decision making processes; infrastructure policy; norms and values in decision making processes

Dorothy Duchatelet
Research interests: simulations of political decision-making; active learning in higher education; motivation; self-efficacy; negotiating skills

Babette Gommers​
Research interests: local government; institutional discrimination; public sector recruitment

Lieven Janssens​
Research interests: local government; local governance; organization and governance of local government; public service delivery; local policy​

Tom Langbroek​
Research interests: innovation; collaboration; coordination; metagovernance; network management​

Sarah Palinckx​
Research interests: public sector; trade unions; collective bargaining; contractual and statutory employment​

Danika Pieters​
Research interests: public management; organizational reform; organizational psychology; job satisfaction

Frederik Stevens
Research interests: interest group influence and mobilisation strategies in the European Union; EU policy-making; Brexit

Rozemarijn van Dijk
Research interests: political representation; gender and politics; political parties; candidate selection; dutch politics

Job Vossen​
Research interests: Morality; emotions; rhetoric; culture and ethnocentrism; populism; solidarity; gender

Affiliated members

Sharon Belli
Research interests: interest groups; revolving door between government and Brussels 's lobbying profession; European Parliament; voting and legislative behavior

Bastiaan Redert
Research interests: interest representation; EU agencies

Stephanie Verlinden​
Research interests: public sector innovation; collaborative innovation; public service-design; public-private partnership

Dries Van Doninck
Research interests: public administration; collaboration; innovation; accountability

Voluntary members

Sigrid Aelterman

Sophie Aerts

Clara Affun-Adegbulu

Marsida Bandilli

Lode De Waele

Camilo Ignacio Gonzalez

Lea Kleinsorg

Florian Lang 

Astrid Molenveld

Giuseppe Montalbano

Raden Murwantara

Atefeh Sadeghi 

Ana Paula Salej Gomes

Veronika Valkovicová