Publications in the spotlight

De facto regulatory decision-making processes in telecommunications regulation : explaining influence relationships with exponential random graph models
Gonzalez Camilo Ignacio   Verhoest Koen  
Journal of public policy - ISSN 0143-814X-40:1 (2020) p. 144-170
How multiple organizational changes shape managerial support for innovative work behavior : evidence from the Australian public service
Wynen Jan   Boon Jan   Kleizen Bjorn   Verhoest Koen  
Review of public personnel administration - ISSN 0734-371X-40:3 (2020) p. 491-515
Performing freedom in the Dutch deportation regime: bureaucratic persuasion and the enforcement of 'voluntary return'
Cleton Laura   Chauvin S├ębastien  
Journal of ethnic and migration studies - ISSN 1369-183X-46:1 (2019) p. 297-313
Fish fingers and measles? Assessing complex gender equality in the scenarios for the future of Europe
Ahrens Petra   van der Vleuten Anna  
Journal of common market studies - ISSN 0021-9886-58:2p. 292-308
What determines the audiences that public service organisations target for reputation management?
Boon Jan   Verhoest Koen   Wynen Jan  
Policy and politics - ISSN 0305-5736-48:2 (2020) p. 295-314

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The link above only lists the publications that were published after the merger in October 2018. To get a more complete overview and list of publications before and after 2018, please click on the following link. This bibliography consist of the previous research groups PA&M and CED as well as the new group PPG. However, it does not include the work of Peter Bursens who also joined our research group.


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