Mathias De Groof

Mathias De Groof Belgian cinema from a postcolonial perspective. An interdisciplinary study of interculturality in Belgian cinema.

Constitutive for the Self is the Other. This amounts for Belgium, an entity for which its former colony was constitutive. This amounts for Belgian cinema too, which includes a body of work finding ways to represent its former colony and to deal with issues revolving around Belgium’s colonial history and postcolonial present. Moreover, it is a cinema which is marked by interculturality. These developing movements in Belgian lead to significant changes in the politics and poetics of representation.

It situates itself within the interstices of two areas of inquiry: postcolonial studies – which are developed to account for the place of the Other in the narrative of hegemonic identity – and film studies. My use of film studies in this project consists of reflecting on historical and contemporary shifts and transformations in Belgian cinema from a postcolonial perspective. This postcolonial approach is required for considering new and continuing imperialisms, neocolonialism, structures of dependency and, more importantly, histories of decolonization, not in the least regarding the self, the West and i.c. Belgium.