Erin is a PhD student at the Research Group for Urban Development, University of Antwerp studying transportation and accessibility poverty. She is interested in building on how we understand accessibility, with various social and ethical approaches, to ultimately improve the effectiveness of transportation policies and investments. Erin previously studied Human Geography and City and Transportation Planning.

She also worked on policy-focused research at the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC. Here she gained a greater understanding of the transportation issues in many rapidly developing cities around the world, as well as how improving daily quality of life in terms of accessibility relates to broader concerns such as social inequalities and climate change.

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Favorite (place in the) city

My favorite city is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a unique city built around amazing natural beauty, including lakes, mountains, and the ocean. The music and culture make the city an entertaining place to visit, but the development pattern makes it a challenging case to consider for an urban planner.