As an ecologist / landscape ecologist and spatial planner, Geert is particularly interested in the interrelations between the general ecological functioning of an area and its spatial development (history).In this respect, work has been and is done related to the assessment of the ecological input in agricultural land re-allotment projects; the landscape ecological basis for land development; monitoring of changes in land use; biodiversity and environmental qualities in rural areas; the definition of ecodistricts as the spatial frame for land and environmental policy; the description of ecological networks; the study of nature based solutions for climate change adaptation and ecosystem services as a way forward towards multifunctional land use. His expertise was and is used in academic education, publications and in different advisory boards.

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Favorite (place in the) city

Copenhagen is my favorite city. A rich variety of neighborhoods, lively and tailored to its citizens. A city where tradition and heritage are successfully combined with innovation. A forerunner when it concerns sustainable urbanism, climate adaptation, transport, housing typology. A metropolis where a sustained vision on multifaceted green networks forms the frame for any city development (the ‘finger plan’).