Nina holds a master degree in Urbanism and Spatial Planning (2018) and Interior Architecture (2015) from the University of Antwerp.  Since 2019 she has worked on various research projects commissioned by the Flemish government (Department of Environment, Mobility, Government Architect) or local authorities (the city of Antwerp). Currently, she works as a research fellow for the Design Sciences Hub (DSH), amongst others on a project about the mobility capabilities of residents in Linkeroever, Antwerp.

Beyond research, Nina was project manager from 2018 to 2021 of Erasmus+ partnerships among European, Latin American, and Caribbean higher education institutions focusing on innovation in teaching and learning for sustainable (urban) development. She moreover coordinated the International Design Workshop week in 2022 which invites guest lecturers to host an interdisciplinary workshop for the master students of the Faculty of Design Sciences and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 

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Favorite (place in the) city?

Barcelona: surrounded by both sea and mountains, with its lively parks and squares, a broad offer of museums, different inspiring neighborhoods that invite you to wander around... And Gaudi!