Sylvie Van Damme is a geographer and spatial planner with a PhD in spatial planning and urban design. Her research focuses on ecosystems and their services, landscape analysis and design. She loves to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and their implementation in policy, management, planning and design. Sylvie regularly advises city councils, the provincial or Flemish governments and design firms. Among other things, she is president of the committee of spatial planning of Eastern Flanders, member of the Board of Directors of the Flemish Land Agency and member of the Executive Committee of the Association for Space and Planning (VRP). Today, she is research leader of the InnoFiNS-project on alternative financing for nature-based solutions.

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Favorite (place in the) city?

As an avid traveler I adore to discover cities all over the world. In all of them I adore to look for stunning green spaces, be it designed and intended or surprisingly hidden and vernacular.