Advanced Reactor Technology (ART) group

ART is a new research group originating from the fusion of the Karel de Grote and Artesis University Colleges into the new Faculty of Applied Engineering. Its ambition is to become a Flanders expert group in new reactor technology, but the group is currently in a start-up phase. The group is developing collaborations with several groups of the Faculty of Sciences (ORSY, PLASMANT, AXES).

The core business of ART is investigating the industrial application of novel reactor systems. There is also a service component for large-scale distillations and safety studies by reaction calorimetry. Three major research lines:


  • Development of a versatile small plasma-flowreactor, and application to conversion of CO2 into chemical building blocks and soot reduction in diesel engine exhaust (K. Verhulst).
  • Development and optimization of reactors for the electrochemical synthesis of materials, to increase controllability, flexibility and energy-efficiency of the reactions (T. Breugelmans).
  • Synthesis of organic linkers to make metal organic frameworks with very large pore sizes, which can then be functionalized with catalysts (nanoreactors) (C. Vande Velde).