Research collaborations

Access to the academic knowledge, expertise, and equipment helps industrial scientists in conducting high-risk research projects. We are interested in new collaborative research projects with companies, both large industries and SME. We are open to discuss various collaboration models:

  • Bilateral projects directly funded by a company
  • Bilateral projects partly funded by a company and partly by a funding agency, such as IWT O&O projects.
  • Multi-partner projects funded by national and international agencies: IWT SBO, EU Horizon 2020, etc.
  • Joint PhD such as IWT Baekeland or European Industrial Doctorates.

Please contact us and we will scope together the individual collaboration model which best suits your needs!

Intellectual property

For a successful collaboration, IP agreements are crucial. For joint research projects, results typically are owned by both partners. A collaboration agreement that we will jointly discuss will cover the terms of IP ownership, publication policy, and other aspects.



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