An overview of the publications of the research group can be found below. A complete list of publications per person, can be found on the personal page of the respective researcher.

Key publications

Space-time information analysis for resource-conscious urban planning and design : a stakeholder based identification of urban metabolism data gaps
Voskamp Ilse M.   Spiller Marc   Stremke Sven   Bregt Arnold K.   Vreugdenhil CornĂ©   Rijnaarts Huub H.M.  
Resources, conservation and recycling - ISSN 0921-3449-128 (2018) p. 516-525
$TiO_{2}$ films modified with Au anoclusters as self-cleaning surfaces under visible light
Liao Ting-Wei   Verbruggen Sammy   Claes Nathalie   Yadav Anupam   Grandjean Didier   Bals Sara   Lievens Peter  
Nanomaterials - ISSN 2079-4991-8:1 (2018)
Understanding the mechanisms of how poly aluminium chloride inhibits short-chain fatty acids production from anaerobic fermentation of waste activated sludge
Chen Yaoning   Wu Yanxin   Wang Dongbo   Li Hailong   Wang Qilin   Liu Yiwen   Peng Lai   Yang Qi   Li Xiaoming   Zeng Guangming   Chen Yanrong  
Chemical engineering journal - ISSN 1385-8947-334 (2018) p. 1351-1360
Modeling of electroporation induced by pulsed electric fields in irregularly shaped cells
Mescia Luciano   Chiapperino Michele A.   Bia Pietro   Gielis Johan   Caratelli Diego  
IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering - ISSN 0018-9294-65:2 (2018) p. 414-423
Enrichment and adaptation yield high anammox conversion rates under low temperatures
De Cocker P.   Bessiere Y.   Hernandez-Raquet G.   Dubos S.   Mozo I.   Gaval G.   Caligaris M.   Barillon B.   Vlaeminck Siegfried   Sperandio M.  
Bioresource technology - ISSN 0960-8524-250 (2018) p. 505-512

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