We always welcome motivated students who are willing to do a Master thesis in cooperation with another Flemish university. Contact us for more information.

A general overview of master thesis topics that are conducted at our research group:


  • Material synthesis, characterization, testing...
  • Plasmonics: Synthesis of nanoparticles, properties and activity
  • Photocatalysis for air purification purposes
  • Self cleaning materials
  • Soot degradation: fundamental mechanisms and large-scale applications
  • Modelling of (photo)catalytic processes and opto-physicochemical behaviour of catalysts
  • In-situ study of catalytic processes


  • Plasmacatalysis for air purification purposes

Photoelectrochemical cells

  •  Photo-electrochemical air purification with energy recuperation in the form of hydrogen gas

Microbial technology

  • Purple bacteria, our daily bread in the future?
  • BrewPro: Multi-stage microbial technology for the production of high-quality animal feed on brewery wastewater
  • Sustainability on your plate? Life cycle assessment of single cell-protein production
  • Developing the sewage treatment process of the future – nitrogen removal through mainstream partial nitritation/anammox