Contact: Tom Tytgat

For our gas research we have the following equipment available:


  • Temperature and air velocity

Automated gas set-up

A multifunctional and modular set-up with the following capabilities, all of which are controlled by an in-house LabVIEW developed program:

  • Adding gaseous pollutants: ethylene, acetaldehyde, methane, NOx, CO2, ...
  • Adding liquid pollutants: certain higher hydrocarbons (e.g. octane)
  • Variable O2 content
  • Variable H2O content
  • Changeable flow rate (0.2 – 3 L/min)
  • Possibility to alter reactor configuration

Climate chamber

  • Controlled environment (1.2m³) for air purification tests​


  • 0.1-10µm particle detection

FTIR Spectrometer

  • Online VOC detection (ppm level)
  • 2m gas cell and in-situ cell


  • VOC (ppb-ppm level concentrations) detection
  • CO2 detection


  • Low level H2 measurement


  • Total VOC measurement (ppm level)

Pressure sensor + calibrator

  • Absolute and differential pressure (-7 to 7 kPa)


  • 0.02-1 µm particles (ultrafine PM)

Quantum Cascade Laser

  • NO, NO2, N2O
  • CO2, CO
  • NH3
  • Gas cooler for dehumidification


  • Concentric reactors
  • Slit-shaped reactor
  • Corona discharge plasma reactors (wire-to-cylinder; multi wire-to-plate)
  • Flat bed reactors
  • Multi-tube reactors

Wind sensor

  • Wind speed and direction

Wind tunnel

  • 0.5 x 0.5m cross area
  • PM generation + detection: particle size range 0.01 - 10 µm

Contact: Tom Tytgat