• Janne Spanoghe was awarded a 3rd position at the 8th ‘PRESS > SPEAK’ science communication competition, with her talk ‘Purperbacteriën in je hotdog?’ (Purple bacteria in your hotdog?). (14/2/2019, University of Antwerp)
  • Janne Spanoghe won an excellent presentation award for her talk ‘Exploring the feasibility of photohydrogenotrophically grown purple bacteria as novel microbial protein source’ on the National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS 2019).(04/02/19, Gent)


  • Sammy Verbruggen was awarded with the element Titanium in celebration of the 100th anniversary of IUPAC and the International Year of the Periodic Table. An award announced by IUPAC and IYCN at the World Chemistry Congress and IUPAC General Assembly, to honor a diverse group of 118 outstanding younger chemists from around the world who in embody the mission and core values of IUPAC (Link to the element Titanium)
  • Siegfried Vlaeminck was nominated with the MicroNOD project for the Belgian Energy & Environment Award 2018 in the category 'Sustainable Food Award'. Initiative of the Belgian Energy & Environment Awards (vzw EC&P), supported by Luminus and other partners (07.06.2018, Brussels, Belgium)
  • Lai Peng won the Research Award 2018 from from the B-IWA (Belgian Committee of the International Water Association), (24.05.2018, Meise, Belgium)
  • Yixing Sui won the Battle of the Scientist: a science communication competition presenting research in English to children (age 6-12), with his talk ‘Microalgae, a future sustainable food source?’. Initiative of The Floor is Yours, in partnership with VIB and imec. (09.03.2018, Gent, Belgium)


  • Sammy Verbruggen was given the Award of the University Resarch Council – Award Verbeure. This prize acknowledges the most promising postdoctoral researcher at the aculty of Science.
  • Sammy Verbruggen received the C.G.B.-C.B.B. Incentive Award 2017 on the initiative of KVCV, SRC and ChemPubSoc. This annual award is given to two talented postdocs in the field of chemistry and chemical engineering.
  • Sammy Verbruggen was nominated and selected as excellent young scientist to participate in the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting devoted to Chemistry.
  • Siegfried Vlaeminck was nominated with the project ‘Mainstream anammox system’ (MAS) for Water Innovation Award 2017 in the category ‘Energy and waterboards’ (27.11.2017, The Netherlands)
  • Abbas Alloul received the Young scientist encouragement: a grant for predoctoral researchers with a topic that contributes to alleviating human suffering in general work for the work ‘Purple bacteria: a key in the quest to beat ‘early mortality syndrome’ (23.11.2017, The Rosa Blanckaert bequest, Antwerpen, Belgium)
  • Daisy Rycquart, an IMDO master thesis student supervised by prof. Strous (Calgary) and prof. Vlaeminck, was appointed with the Best Thesis Environemental Professional ‘Milieucoördinator A’ 2017.  Initiative of VMx, Society for environmental professionals in Flanders (19.10.2017, Gent, Belgium)
  • Lai Peng was nominated with the project ManureEcoMine for the Ivan Tolpe Award 2017, focused on an innovative, market-ready technique contributing to sustainable, cost-efficient manure processing in the future (09.02.2017, Gent, Belgium)


  • Maarten Keulemans received the best poster prize at the 17th Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, 07-09.03.2016)
  • Maarten Keulemans received the best poster prize at the 21st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (Antwerp, Belgium, 05.02.2016)
  • Jeroen van Walsem received the best poster prize at the 21st National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (Antwerp, Belgium, 05.02.2016)


  • Sammy Verbruggen won the BiR&D PhD award In the area of Science&Technology (12.05.2015, Brussels)
  • Siegfried Vlaeminck received the Laureate of Work, label ‘Professional’, in the domain of ‘Professions and fields of the Engineer: Master of Science’, honoured by the Royal Institute of the Elites of Work (29.09.2015, Brussels)


  • Karen Van Wesenbeeck received the best Poster Prize at the 19th PhD Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (07.02.2014, Gembloux)


  • Sammy Verbruggen won the best Poster Award at the 3rd European Conference on Photocatalysis (27.09.2013, Portoroz, Slovenia)
  • Sammy Verbruggen received the best Lecture by PhD student at the 14th Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (13.03.2013, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands)
  • Marianne Smits won a bronze medal at the Masterclass Science Communication (22.02.2013, Antwerp)


  • Marianne Smits was awarded the best Oral Presentation Prize at the 11th Chemistry Conference for Young Scientists (02.03.2012, Blankenberge)
  • Sammy Verbruggen received the 2nd Poster Prize at the 17th PhD Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (10.02.2012, Leuven)
  • Erik Van Eynde received the “P&G Sustainability Award” at the 17th Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (10.02.2012, Leuven)
  • Birger Hauchecorne was awarded an EPA Prize for his PhD thesis (2012)


  • Sammy Verbruggen was awarded the 2nd Poster Prize at the Summerschool on energy and materials from the sun (23.06.2011, Kerkrade, The Netherlands)
  • Sammy Verbruggen was awarded the Umicore Scientific Award for the best Master thesis (2011)


  • Marianne Smits received the best Poster Prize at the 16th PhD Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (20.12.2010, Ghent)
  • Peter Jochems received the “Breakthrough innovation award” from sponsor P&G for his poster at the 16th PhD Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (20.12.2010, Ghent)


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