In the system analysis sub-group, we analyse technological and socio-technical systems to generate detailed insights into their function, efficacy, and sustainability. With these insights we provide knowledge and tools that aim to support decision making in the transition towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient world. We apply system analysis at the food-water-energy nexus within urban, industrial, and agricultural systems. This includes municipal wastewater treatment, management of argi-food chain side streams, nutrient recovery & reuse, the protein transition as well as water reuse. Methods applied by the team are predominantly in-silico and include life cycle assessment, material/ substance flow analysis, multi criteria decision support algorithms (MCDA), and network analysis. Systems analysis requires an interdisciplinary research approach. Therefore, the system analysis group collaborates closely with other fields of expertise including environmental economics, social science and other disciplines of engineering.

Members of the systems analysis and sustainability assessment sub-group are:

Marc Spiller                                          

Tim van Winckel                                           

Siegfried Vlaeminck

Julia Santolin                                                

Joris de Backer