Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a methodology for assessing environmental impacts associated with all products, processes, or services within a system. In the system analysis group, we apply LCA to wastewater treatment (H2020: Saraswati 2.0)and resource recovery technologies (e.g. nutrients, energy, commodities and water). LCA further allows us to evaluate the production processes of novel proteins, and products of the agri-food value chain more generally (e.g. organic fertilizers). In two H2020 projects (SUSFERT, BIOVEXO) LCAs are implemented to evaluate the environmental impact of novel bio-based multifunctional fertilizers and biobased pesticides. In the group we mainly follow the consequential LCA modelling method, implemented in SimaPro and Brightway 2.0/Activity Browser.

Relevant projects are:

Saraswati 2.0





Life cycle inventory of different microbial proteins produced on potato wastewater.