UAntwerp partners

  • CLiPS: Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics
    CLiPS is a research center associated with the Linguistics department of the faculty of Arts of the University of Antwerp. The Trics research group collaborates with members of CLiPS for for the development of tools and resources for, for instance, corpus development and computer-aided text analysis. 
  • gap: Grammar and Pragmatics
    The research group Grammar and Pragmatics (gap) unites linguists from two earlier research groups, Center for Grammar, Cognition and Typology (CGCT) and the IPrA Research Center, who study grammar (in a broad sense), pragmatics and their mutual relationship.
  • Transmedia Benelux
    TransMedia Benelux is a "subgroup" of TransMedia. TransMedia Benelux currently groups researchers, translators, respeakers, managers and policy makers from the Flemish and Dutch university and media landscape. The research group thereby strengthens existing collaborations and aims to develop more systematic cooperation through research projects within the Benelux countries and the EU.

Professional partners and supporting organisations

  • Activiteitencentrum voor blinden en slechtzienden De Markgrave (activity centre for the blind and visually impaired), Antwerp
    De Markgave is a centre that aims to offer interesting and meaningful (day) activities for people with visual impairments. The Trics research group can count on their collaboration for setting up focus groups and finding participants for experiments and questionnaires with regard to the reception of audio description. 
  • Memsource: Following the technological turn of the 1990s which profoundly changed the profession of the translator, a further shift to the online world is now underway. Not only do translators increasingly turn to the internet to find terminology, translation memories and other CAT tools are increasingly cloud-based. That is why, starting this academic year, the translation technology course of the Department of Applied Linguistics/Translators and Interpreters will introduce a new module focusing on this new trend, more specifically on the cloud-based translation software suite Memsource Cloud. The suite was launched in 2010 and offers a fully cloud-based translation platform. Memsource supports various file types that are translated in a user-friendly interface. In addition, translators can download an offline editor that allows them to continue working when there is no internet connection available.
  • Nevero, translation, subtitling and audio description company
    Nevero is a translation company based inBelgium that specialises in audiovisual translation. Nevero regularly collaborates with members of the Trics research group and provides expertise and material for research projects.
  • Soundfocus, sound specialist
    Soundfocus is a sound design company based in the Netherlands that specialised in media accessibility. Soundfocus regularly collaborates with members of the Trics research group and provides expertise and material for research projects. 
  • VeBeS (Vereniging voor Blinden en Slechtzienden - association for the blind and visually impaired): VeBeS is an organisation that offers people who are confronted with sight loss, information, a chance to exchange experiences. They also organise events for members and serve as a lobby organisation. Trics members have been able to count on their support for numerous projects with regard to media accessibility. 
  • Public Broadcaster VRT (Vlaamde Radio en Televisie)
    VRT (Vlaamse Radio en Televisie - Flemish Radio and Television) is the Flemish Public broadcaster. Trics and VRT have fruitfully collaborated on several research projects with regard to audiovisual translation, including the European LLP project ADLAB and numerous master's dissertations. 



Research partners

  • CAIAC research centre
  • CAiAC is a Studies and Research Centre within the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. CAIAC is formed mainly by two complementary groups: CEPHIS from Engineering and TransMedia Catalonia from Audiovisual Translation. Members of Trics have collaborated with caiac for the development of tools for multimodal corpus development and analysis.
  • CLIV: Centrum voor literatuur in vertaling (centre for literature and translation)
    The Alliance Research Group Centre for Literature in Translation (CLIV) was created in 2014 by Ghent University and the VUB. This cooperation resulted from the merger of two former research groups which focussed on literary translation: the Ghent University/University College Ghent Association research group Literature in Translation (2009-2014) and the VUB Centre for Literary Translation (2012-2014).
    CLIV’s main line of research concerns the discursive presence or absence of the translation instance as it manifests itself on different levels (poetical, ideological, ethical,…) IN certain areas of literary texts (such as paratexts, retranslations or adaptations) and, at the macro level, AROUND the text (through translation sociological research or research into the relevance of translation for literary theory as well as for literary history).
  • Transmedia Research Group
    TransMedia’s members are academics and/or professionals active in the diverse areas of AVT. They share a common interest in multidisciplinary translation research. Their work crosses linguistic borders, embracing a wide range of language combinations, including minority languages, and the different aspects of accessibility and inclusion.


  • CAT-ACT: The Canadian Association for Translation Studies / Association canadienne de traductologie
  • CIUTI: Conférence Internationale Permanente d'Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes (International Standing Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters)
  • EMT: European Master in Translation
  • ENPSIT: European Network for Public Service Interpreting and Translation. TricS collegae dr. Esther Deboe is currently Board Member of ENPSIT.
  • ESIST: European Association for Studies in Screen Translation
  • EST: European Society for Translation Studies
  • ID-TS: International Doctorate in Translation Studies