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(NL: Zelfstandig Academisch Personeel (ZAP); Assisterend Academisch Personeel (AAP), Bijzonder Academisch Personeel (BAP), Doctoraatstudenten,...)

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Head of each research group in Translational Neurosciences:


Note: The list of researchers below is *automatically* generated from the central research databases. Researchers of Translational Neurosciences who find themself in the wrong category, or not listed at all, should try to correct this via: "Peoplesoft > Selfservice onderzoek". If that does not work, contact the chairman of our research group, and ask him to contact Linda De Winter from the Research department (ADOC - administratief Departement Onderzoek) to correct the central lists. The request has to go via the chairman of the research group Translational Neurosciences. Local webmasters cannot edit the central databases.