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• 2019-10-01: prof. dr. Olivier Vanderveken is now chairman of the Research group Translational Neurosciences.

• 2018-10-01: Dorien Verdoodt has been appointed as new PhD student. Her research will focus on inner ear gene therapy to prevent hearing loss in hereditary deafness diseases.

• 2018-10-01: prof. dr. Paul Van de Heyning has retired as chairman of the department "ENT, Otolaryngology and Communication Disorders" in the University Hospital of Antwerp (UZA). However, he will remain chairman of this research group Translational Neurosciences at the University of Antwerp, and he will use his expertise in furthering the goals of our research group. Prof. dr. Olivier Vanderveken will lead the department "ENT, Otolaryngology and Communication Disorders", and prof. dr. Vincent Van Rompaey will lead the "Experimental Laboratory of Translational Neuroscience and Dento Oto Laryngology".

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