For the port community, Co.Creation is a new discipline. It is a form of collaborative creativity that should be initiated by maritime supply chain actors to enable innovation. From the research done in the framework of the BNPPF chair , it became clear that innovation is a tool that can improve the competitive advantage of port-related stakeholders. This is important to strengthen future growth in the port sector and to meet the main (transversal) challenges linked to smooth integrated maritime supply chains. The intention is to build together new knowledge, to create content based on port users behavior and generate new opportunities for cooperation along supply chains.

The Chair continues to analyze how integration of the maritime supply chain can be stimulated and how innovation can help. Given the success, the concept of BNP Paribas Port Co.Innovation Cafés will be continued.

Within the framework of the BNPPF chair, Port Co.Creation is based on four pillars: reach, resonance, relevance and research (see figure 1). From the previous contract period, the fourfold approach proves to be successful.

Figure 1: 4 pillars of Port Co.Innovation

The first pillar ‘reach’ is linked with the global (port) community on the one side and the bank and its clients on the other side. The goal of the second pillar ‘resonance’ here is to foster strategic innovation along the maritime supply chain. Resonant Port co.innovation means engagement and interaction with the stakeholders along the maritime supply chain. Sharing is an important element. The third pillar is to make sure that findings are relevant to the port community. The combination of the three R’s above relies heavily on scientific research: research will focus both on academic and sector-oriented economic perspective.