Major Transport Economics and Logistics

In the Masters year of the programme of Applied Economics and Commercial Engineer, students get to choose from a number of majors. Each major is a specialisation in which to graduate. The Major of Transport Economics and Logistics is one of those.

Within the Major of Transport Economics and Logistics, the Department aims at students intending to start a career as:

  • junior transport consultants being sent out towards transport or port companies or towards companies looking for transport solutions;
  • higher management within a logistics and transport company, in a position to decide or advise upon cost calculation, pricing, vehicle or cargo handling equipment investment, acquisition or application of fleet management software, supply of liner services, choice of ports of call, etc.;
  • management within a company calling for external transport or organising own transport, where they decide on inventory management rules, just-in-time transport, provisioning and delivery procedures, etc.;
  • junior consultants to public authorities dealing with transport policy topics;
  • members of research departments of banks, public bodies, ports, public transport companies, parastatals or political parties, where they do research on transport, ports, and airports.