Research mission

The Department's lines of research are located on the interface of general and business economics. The research activities unfold within the framework of programmes instigated by the university and the authorities (regional, federal and European) as well as specific assignments from the public and private sectors. The topics covered relate to: - Freight transport: mode choice, the organisation, choice and planning of commodity flows, land transport, air transport and airports, transport and logistics; - The port and maritime sector: competition and cooperation in the maritime and port sector, traffic forecasting, port policy, productivity of terminals, strategic planning; - The assessment of infrastructure projects: the development and improvement of project assessment tools, applications to road construction projects, port investments etc; - Strategic analyses and policy recommendations: analysis of the competitive strength of (sub)sectors, development of market studies relating to competition issues, regulation and deregulation issues; - Interaction between transport and space: location analysis for traffic nodes and distribution centers, spatial (mobility) plans at local, regional and supra-regional level; - Urban economics: regional planning and policy, real estate; - Interaction between mobility and economics: relationship between economic growth and transport demand, demand models and elasticity calculations, research into the effectiveness of measures within the frame of a sustainable mobility policy (company transport planning, road charging, etc).