Programme Air Transport Colloquium – 5 December 2019

14:30                   Registration

15:00 – 15:10     Welcome address
                              Prof. dr. Koen Vandenbempt, dean Faculty of Business and Economics

15:10 – 15:35     A game of winners and losers: the Air Transport Casino
                              Prof. dr. Rosário Macário, Universidade de Lisboa, C-MAT
                              Prof. dr. Eddy Van de Voorde, University of Antwerp, C-MAT

                              Airports act as platforms of economic activity. Different players are
                              part of the game. Some have much to win (e.g. the airports), while
                              others have lots to lose (e.g. handlers). Prof. dr. Rosário Macário and
                              Prof. dr. Eddy Van de Voorde present their preliminary findings of the
                              market model that they are currently developing.

15:35 – 16:00     Changed power play within the future alliances
                              Nico van der Linden, VP Cargo Alliance, SkyTeam

                              According to traditional strategy and management textbooks, strategic
                              alliances are an arrangement between partners in which they share
                              resources and work together for a common benefit. In practise however,
                              alliances do not only have collaborative aspects but also different
                              competitive aspects in which the partner’s own interests are equally
                              important. During the last decade we have seen a shift in power balance
                              towards the larger partners in each of the three airline alliances. What
                              does this mean for the future of those alliances and the air transport

16:00 – 16:25     Airport development plans
                              Johan Vanneste, President & CEO, Cologne-Bonn Airport

                              Many airports in Europe have plans to expand their capacity. What
                              does that mean? Which arguments are used pro and contra airport
                              expansion in Europe?

16:25 – 16:50     The role of the government: deregulation or regulation?
                              Prof. dr. Gianmaria Martini, University of Bergamo

                             Which role should the government play in the aviation debate? Should
                             we work towards further liberalisation or should we go back to a
                             (re)regulation of certain facets of our industry? How does the role of
                             the government differ between different continents and countries?

16:50 – 17:15     Networking break

17:15 – 18:15     Panel discussion: Ways to survive! Competition and cooperation in
                              the air transport sector

                              Prof. dr. Wouter Dewulf, University of Antwerp, C-MAT

                              Prof. dr. Sascha Albers, University of Antwerp, AMS
                              Daniel Boeshertz, Head of Unit, DG COMP, European Commission

                              Johan Decuyper, CEO, Skeyes (former Belgocontrol)
                              Piet Demunter, Chief Business Development Officer, Brussels Airport
Gunther Hofman, Managing Director, TUI fly

18:15 – 18:35     Closing address
                              Marcel Buelens, CEO, Antwerp & Ostend-Bruges Airport

18:35 – 19:30     Walking dinner