Presentations by TPR @ external events and conferences

September 2021

- 'Sea Transport Development for Innovative and Sustainable Transportation and Logistics' by Thierry Vanelslander @ International Conference “GLOBAL RESEARCH ON SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS (GROSTLog 2021) 

July 2021

- 'Unprecedented job opportunity and new challenges for a more resilient maritime ecosystem' by Christa Sys @ (online) Workshop “EUSAIR INVESTMENT IN SKILLS AND EDUCATION: WHICH ROADMAP FOR A MORE SUSTAINABLE BLUE ECONOMY IN THE ADRIATIC-IONIAN REGION?"

June 2021

- 'Transport planning: is it the same after the pandemic?' by Thierry Vanelslander @ AET COVID Talks

May 2021

- 'SMART PORTS: Le prospettive: La portualità del futuro' by Christa Sys @ EasyLog Final Conference

- 'De nieuwe mogelijkheden van slimme logistiek' by Roel Gevaers @ VOKA Tech Summit: Smart Logistics

- 'Trends in maritime economy and impacts on ports' by Christa Sys @ Youngship Webinar 'Ever Given, can she be forgiven?'

- 'Hoe (multi)modaal is duurzame logistiek intussen?' by Christa Sys @ TML Talks 8

April 2021

- 'Impact megatrends on maritime ecosystem' by Christa Sys @ APEC-AMS-IAPH Course International Port Strategies

 - 'Infrastructure development: theory, practice and policy' 

 - 'Global trends in container liner shipping' by Christa Sys @ APEC-AMS-IAPH Course International Port Strategies

 - 'Digital Innovation in the Port Sector: Barriers and Facilitators' by Thierry Vanelslander @ webinar 'Grandi Porti Intercontinentali in Sicilia e Calabria'

 - 'Making transport sustainable during pandemic'

 - 'Green supply chains' by Thierry Vanelslander @ VIL Lerend Netwerk Green Supply Chains

March 2021

- 'Long-distance supply chain issues' by Thierry Vanelslander @ VIL Lerend Netwerk Green Supply Chains

- 'COVID19 and the effect on passenger travel behaviour' by Michiel Voes @ roundtable discussion @ RailTech Europe

- 'Competition in maritime logistics: international case studies' by Thierry Vanelslander @ University of the Aegean Master Maritime Economics

- 'Nearshoring' by Thierry Vanelslander @ APEC-AMS-IAPH Course International Port Strategies

- 'Strategy of shipping lines- Global terminal operator strategies' by Christa Sys @ APEC-AMS-IAPH Course International Port Strategies

- 'Land transport operators: the different modes in detail' by Edwin van Hassel @ APEC-AMS-IAPH Course International Port Strategies

- 'Cross Border eCommerce: From disruptor to disrupted business model. The story of capacity and legislative squeeze' by Wouter Dewulf @ AMS Seminar 'The disruptor called Covid: Disruption in international eCommerce flows, last mile distribution and shopping street real estate'

- 'Covid is the unforeseen stress test for several last mile distribution systems: Will they survive?' by Roel Gevaers @ AMS Seminar 'The disruptor called Covid: Disruption in international eCommerce flows, last mile distribution and shopping street real estate'

- 'Is Covid killing the shopping streets? eCommerce and Covid impacts on shopping real estate' @ AMS Seminar 'The disruptor called Covid: Disruption in international eCommerce flows, last mile distribution and shopping street real estate'

- Innovation on European Inland Waterways- 'Innovation on European Inland Waterways' by Edwin Verberght @ the American 6th Biennial Marine Transportation System R&D Conference “Advancing the Marine transport system through Automation and Autonomous Technologies: Trends, Applications and Challenges”, hosted by the CMTS and the #TransportationResearchBoard

February 2021

- 'Impact of shipbuilding on different Shipping markets' by Christa Sys @ TransportNET Course Shipbuilding Economics
- 'Cargo Talks' by Wouter Dewulf
- 'COVID19 supply chain distribution, a view behind the scenes' by Wouter Dewulf @ Air Cargo Belgium Covid-19 vaccine distribution 2.0 webinar
- 'The economics of implementing automation in loading and unloading operations' by Valentin Carlan @ Opticharge slotevent

December 2020 - January 2021

- The Big Challenge – Delivering Vaccines to all Corners of the World by Wouter Dewulf @ Air Cargo Summit 2021
 - Port Greening: Discrete Choice Analysis Investigation on Environmental Parameters Affecting Container Shipping Companies’ Behaviours by Lorenzo Franchi @ World of Shipping Conference 2021
 - The feasibility of enhancing the supervision of maritime container supply chain from economic and technological perspectives by Majid Mohseni @ TPR Port Performance Subcommittee 

November 2020

- Impact of calamities and uncertainty on logistics chains and cargo flows by Thierry Vanelslander @ The Beacon Ports & Logistics Reinventing the Chemical Logistics Chain Webinar
- Best Practices of Drone Operations in Europe. How to Optimize The Drone Operations for Urban Areas and Remote Islands in Indonesia? by Thierry Vanelslander @ International Webinar on Regulations and Challenges in Drone Operation
- The potential impact of decarbonization measures in shipping on States by Christa Sys @ UNCTAD session
- Issues and policy reactions in maritime transport chains under COVID-19 by Thierry Vanelslander @ WCTR COVID-19 International e-Conference on Pandemics and Transport Policy (ICPT2020)
- Issues and policy reactions in maritime transport chains under COVID-19 by Thierry Vanelslander @ AET COVID-19 Conversations
- Near- and reshoring: the solution for everything and everyone after COVID? by Thierry Vanelslander @ BNP Paribas Fortis Chair Transport, Logistics & Ports Happy Hour
- Risk occurrence in transport infrastructure projects linked to big crises by Eleni Moschouli @ Smart Transportation Alliance Annual Conference 2020
- Les tendances de l’économie maritime et l’impact sur les ports by Thierry Vanelslander @ APEC Gestion et Stratégie portuaire
- Globalisation vs regionalisation: impact on cargo and passenger ports @ APEC course
- Market developments and global trends in ports by Thierry Vanelslander @ APEC Port Management & Strategic Masterplanning

Oktober 2020

- 'Recente trends en ontwikkelingen in stedelijke logistiek' by Joris Beckers @ bijeenkomst stedelijke logistiek Slim naar Antwerp

September 2020

- 'Cost-effectiveness and gain-sharing scenarios for purchasing a blockchain-based application in the maritime supply chain' by Valentin Carlan @ ICTS 2020
- 'Main parameters of maritime port connectivity' by Joost Hintjens @ APEC
- 'Een revival voor breakbulk in Antwerpen. Droom of opportuniteit?' @ Flows Breakfast
- 'Tranversal assessment of intermodal new strategies' @ Belgian Rail Freight Forum workshop
- 'How market development and global trends in the container liner shipping industry impact the port' by Christa Sys @ APEC
- 'Market developments & global trends in ports' by Thierry Vanelslander @ APEC
- 'Maritime transportation: What is the future pathway to the hydrogen-powered ship?' by Christa Sys @ World Hydrogen Congress

July 2020

- Determinants of performance in Maritime Industry (Shipping & Ports) by Thierry Vanelslander @ Adani Group seminar
- The life sciences airfreight supply chain: the future… by Wouter Dewulf @ seminar

June 2020

Insights about Artificial Intelligence in logistics by Valentin Carlan @ Forward Belgium Academy

May 2020

- Innovation in inland navigation: failure and success - the European case, by Edwin Verberght @ Kennisinstituut voor Mobiliteit Lunch Sessies

- Airlines and Airport Business - the post COVID-19 New Normal, by Wouter Dewulf @ Adani Group seminar

February 2020

- Shaping the Future of the City: What strategy to mitigate mobility and logistics problems? @ ADM Event Shaping the future of the city @ The Beacon

Januari 2020

- Methodologies for Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Inland Waterways

November - December 2019

- Eddy Van de Voorde on 'World economy: dealing with uncertainty' @ the 9th City of London Biennial Meeting “This world is changing”, The Costas Grammenos Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance, City, University of London, at the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
- Edwin Verberght and Edwin van Hassel on 'The Automated Inland Vessel' @ MTEC/ITMASS, Trondheim
- Christa Sys on 'Gender equality in the maritime industry' @ African Women’s Forum, Crans Montana, Brussel
- Edwin Verberght on 'Evaluation of the RIS Directive' @ EU RIS Week
- Eddy Van de Voorde on 'De levering is toch gratis? Reële en onzichtbare kosten bij goederenvervoer' @ Centrum Naschools Onderwijs
- Loghman Boukani on 'Port terminal game TPR' @ Dag van de Wetenschap
- Wouter Dewulf on 'Key factors to attract e-commerce logistics activities at an airport' @ Chongqing
- Eddy Van de Voorde on 'Learning from neighbours! Cases on benchmarking and regulation in the seaport and airport sectors' @ International Workshop on Benchmarking and Regulation in Transport’, Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti (ART), Politecnico di Torino, Turin
- Christa Sys on 'Let's talk numbers on women in shipping' @ Women in Shipping Summit, Manila
- Christa Sys on 'Co.Innovation, het nieuwe normaal' @ @Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever, Beveren
- Katrien De Langhe on 'What role for rail in urban freight distribution? @ WU Wien , Vienna

October 2019

- Thierry Vanelslander on 'Logistics operators’ requirements for the improvement of the multimodal supply chain' @ FERRMED Conference, Brussels
- Joost Hintjens on 'Labour market for the port of the future' @ the Presidents Forum @ the 110 the anniversary of the Shanghai Maritime University, with over 50 chancellors and deans of universities of all over the world present. 
- Sven Buyle on 'From developing to professional ANSP: a typology of European ANSP business models' @ Aviation Management and Economics Conference (AMEC), Vienna

September 2019

- Christa Sys on 'Setting the scene | Let’s talk numbers' @ Women in Shipping, London
- Thierry Vanelslander on 'Port Innovation' @ Part of Antwerp
- Edwin Verberght @ Smart Rivers 2019, Lyon
- Majid Mohseni on 'Socio-Economic Evaluation of Alternative Technologies to Mitigate Sulfur Emissions in Maritime Container Transport' @ Workshop of Game Theory and Environment, Valencia
- Ann Verhetsel on 'Retail landscapes emerging from big data network analysis. The retail geography in Belgium through community detection' @ European Conference on Quantitative and Theoretical Geography 2019, Mondorf-les-Bains

July - August 2019

- Wouter Dewulf on 'Managing Growth in a Disruptive Environment in the Aviation Industry' @ 3rd GROSTLog 2019 conference organized by the Trisakti Institute of Transportation and Logistics (ITL Trisakti), Indonesia
- Christa Sys on 'Future global supply chains: an assessment'
@ KAPSARC workshop ‘ Exploring the Effects of Transport Policies on Energy Consumption in Freight Transportation – The Saudi Arabian Perspective’, Saudi Arabia

May 2019

- Sven Buyle on 'a business model typology for European Air Navigation Service Providers' @ FABCE/FABEC research workshop on Fragmentation in air traffic management, Budapest
- Christa Sys on 'Retrofit: from selection of technologies to a regulatory framework' @ Bureau Veritas, Bruges
- Edwin van Hassel on 'Inland navigation economics' @ APEC, Port of Antwerp

April 2019

- Evy Onghena @ VOKA Routeplan 2025
- Edwin Verberght on 'Innovative Inland Navigation' @ CITBO event

March 2019

- 'Tax the Aviation Industry! Save the Climate @ BAR - Belgian Airlines Representatives Association
- Stoomcursus Ruimtelijke Ordening @ Stoomcursus Ruimtelijke Planning
- Practical Advice from a Hackathon pro @ Hack Belgium
- Sustainability: where do port authorities fit in? @ WPSP event 'Integrating the UN Sustainable Developments Goals in the Business Strategies & Governance of Port Authorities'
- Air Transport Econonomics @ Chongqing University

February 2019

- How could Urban Nodes be better positioned in the TEN-T dialogue and coordination?, by Katrien De Langhe @ Vital Nodes event Venlo
- Analysis of the Maritime Sector, by Hilde Meersman and Eddy Van de Voorde @ lecture in the course “Shipping Management”, Delft University of Technology
- Toepassingen van de wiskunde in de haven, muziek en voetbal, by Matteo Balliauw @ Vlaamse Vereniging Wiskunde Leraars

January 2019

- Economics of Port Operations,Port Pricing and Port Financing, by Thierry Vanelslander @ APEC International Seminar on Port Management Strategy
- Arriving. Why is integrated information so difficult to come by at terminals?, by Athena Roumboutsos, Seraphim Kapros and Thierry Vanelslander @ Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2019

November - December 2018

- Majid Mohseni on Economic comparison of sustainable alternative fuel technologies for green shipping ' @ Young Researchers' Day, Koninklijke Academie voor Overzeese Wetenschappen, Brussels
- Edwin van Hassel on 'Environmental issues in shipping' @ Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris
- Christa Sys on 'Global Maritime Logistics Dialogue' @ Global Maritime Logistics Dialogue, Brussels
- Edwin van Hassel actively contributed @ ITF workshop on 'Decarbonising Maritime Transport', Paris
- Thierry Vanelslander on 'Current challenges for global maritime supply chains' @ Porti & Navigazione 2018 Conference, Sapienza University, Rome
- Edwin van Hassel on 'Trans-Eurasian trade trends and their influence on multimodal transport modes' @ FERRMED Conference, Brussels
- Thierry Vanelslander actively contributed @ Digital Logistics Workshop, Antwerp
- Joost Hintjens on 'the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative' @ the launch event of the Hapag-Lloyd Center for Shipping and Global Logistics, Künhne Logistics University, Hamburg

Transport Infrastructure Economics Worksho

October 2018

- Christa Sys on 'Blockchain technology as key contributor to the integration of the maritime supply chain' @ European Forum of Logistics Education, Rotterdam
- Hilde Meersman and Eddy Van de Voorde also this year lectured in Prof. Moshe Ben-Akiva's course on Transportation Systems @ MIT, Cambridge, Boston
- Wouter Dewulf on ''Innovations in Sustainable City Distribution - What's new in Town?' @ GROSTLOG 2018, Jakarta
- Valentin Carlan on 'The potential of blockchain technology in the maritime supply chain' @ AEO-EVENT 2018: ’10 JAAR AEO’, Brussels

September 2018

- Eddy Van de Voorde on 'Special problems of benchmarking ports and airports' @ Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti, Torino
- Thierry Vanelslander on 'Status, trends and challenges of shipping and ports in Europe' @ ESPO Economic Analysis and Statistics Committee meeting, Brussels
- Thierry Vanelslander on 'Route optimization: a strategic analysis of supply chain costs' @ JOC Container Trade Europe Conference, Hamburg
- Christa Sys on 'The Liner Perspective on Container Trade' @ APEC seminar Gunagxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group

July - August 2018

- Thierry Vanelslander on 'Last Mile to the European Elections' @ European Logistics Platform Anniversary Cocktail, Brussels
- Edwin Verberght on 'Automation & Inland Waterways, Present and Future' @ European Transport Workers Federation Seminar on  Europe's Inland Waterways, Saint-Petersburg
- Edwin van Hassel on 'Belt and road: user cost and opportunities' @ Chongqing University visit, Antwerp

June 2018

- Matteo Balliauw on 'Public Port Capacity Investment Decisions under Congestion and Uncertainty' @ Real Options Conference, Düsseldorf
- Joost Hintjens on 'The societal effect of cooperation between neighbouring seaport authorities' @ European Logistics Association PhD workshop, Naples
- Thierry Vanelslander on 'Uitdagingen voor de maritieme sector' @ Vlaams Maritiem Platform, Wilrijk
- Christa Sys on 'The liner perspective on Container Trade' @ APEC, Antwerp
- Edwin van Hassel on 'Economic Impacts of the Ballast Water Treaty: A Case Study for The Netherlands and Belgium' @ NAV 2018, Trieste
- Wouter Dewulf @ Air Cargo Belgium Innovation Forum, Brussels

May 2018

- Joris Beckers presented on 'Involving Local Authorities: The Inclusion of CDPs in Spatial Planning' at RSA Annual Conference 2018
- Joost Hintjens presented on 'Belt and Road:user opportunities through chain cost calculations' at SRM Global Shipping Think Tank
- Thierry Vanelslander contributed to inspiration session Province of Antwerp
- Katrien De Langhe presented on 'Which conditions favour the use of a freight tram for urban freight distribution?' at 4th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility (CSUM)
- Thierry Vanelslander presented on 'Impact van beladingsgraad op kosten van belevering' at VIL final project event Empty Logistics
- Christa Sys lectured at Dutch pilots, tugmasters, harbour masters and Rijkswaterstaat staff
- Thierry Vanelslander was a member of the panel at Symposium Vlaamse Waterweg

April 2018

- Christa Sys, Frank Troch and Thierry Vanelslander presented at the Transportation Research Arena Conference 2018 in Vienna, on 'The added value of rail freight transport demand in Belgium'.

- Christa Sys participated to the International Transport Forum Round Table on Multimodal Supply Chains.

March 2018

Misscellaneous @ TPR

- Katja Bringmann got a best paper award at the 3rd Abbé Grégoire Innovation Days
- Ann Verhetsel got appointed chair of the Flemish Association of Spatial Planning (VRP)
- On 15 March, Christa Sys was a member of the Ph.D. Doctoral Committee of Hamid Saeedi, on ‘Network-Level Analysis of the Market and Performance of Intermodal Freight Transport’, at Delft University of Technology.
- On 29 March, TPR enjoyed a guest lecture by Prof. Seraphim Kapros on air freight.

TPR @ miscellaneous events

- 'Is the Shipping Industry an Oligopoly? – Economists’ Perspective' by Christa Sys @ Competition Law Challenges in the Shipping Sector conference, Brussels
- 'What future for air cargo? About bets, lotteries and forecasting' by Eddy Van de Voorde @ Air Cargo Belgium Cargo Talks
- 'Enkele Ontwikkelingen in de Binnenvaart' by Edwin van Hassel @ Belgische Federatie van Transportorganisatoren in Binnenvaart " (BFTB)
- 'Binnenvaart: modus van de toekomst... of toekomst van de modus?' by Thierry Vanelslander @ 10 jaar Netwerk De Scheepvaart - view pictures
- 'Towards improved port capacity investments decisions under uncertainty: a real options approach' by Matteo Balliauw @ University of British Columbia, Vancouver

January 2018

December 2017

  • Christa Sys on 'Future labor market – Port of Antwerp' at EFLE meeting, 15 December 2017
  • Christa Sys on 'Co.innovatie, het antwoord voor verdere groei van de havenindustrie' at Studium Generale, 11 December 2017

November 2017

TPR @ Faculty of Applied Economics Doctoral Day 2018, 29 November 2017

  • Impact of multiple port actors and owners on the capacity investment decision, by Matteo Balliauw
  • Trams for urban freight distribution: a private and/or social success?, by Katrien De Langhe
  • Cost structures at seaport container terminals: A literature review paper, by Sisangile Nduna

Oktober 2017

TPR @ European Transport Conference 2017

  • Ivan Cardenas on 'Delivery points in the e-commerce last-mile: formalizing a network modelling'
  • Frank Troch, Thierry Vanelslander and Christa Sys on 'Is the (in)direct economic impact of rail freight transport in Belgium enough to put this sector on the right track, or will it be pulled of the rails?'
  • Anton Esser, Christa Sys, Thierry Vanelslander and Ann Verhetsel on 'Future labour market in the port of Antwerp'
  • Matteo Balliauw, Peter Kort, Hilde Meersman, Christophe Smet, Eddy Van de Voorde and Thierry Vanelslander on 'Port capacity investment size and timing under uncertainty and congestion'
  • Sisangile Nduna on 'Cost structures at seaport container terminals: a literature review paper'

Read more on the European Transport Conference

September 2017

June 2017

  • Ivan Cardenas at Hellenic Chambers' Transport Association (HCTA) technical visit, Delft
  • Ann Verhetsel, Joris Beckers en Michiel De Meyere on ‘Assessing Daily Urban systems in Belgium: a network approach based on commuting flows, with special attention to gender and income differences’ at NECTAR 2017 Conference, Madrid
  • Thierry Vanelslander at ‘Van weg naar water’ at PICS Belgium event, Antwerp
  • Edwin van Hassel was teaching at Chongqing University on ‘hinterland transportation’
  • Thierry Vanelslander actively contributed to 2nd  Workshop on Infrastructure Cloud – Operation and Services, hosted by the European Commission
  • Wouter Dewulf at International Conference on Logistic & Sustainable Transport, Opatija
  • Katja Bringmann ‘The Role of Spatial Proximity and Air Transport Accessibility in Shaping International Venture Capital Flows’ at 20th Uddevalla Symposium

May 2017

TPR @ BIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Days 2017

  • Performance of transport infrastructure projects after crisis: which are the key factors affecting? - by Eleni Moschouli, Murwantara Raden, Thierry Vanelslander, Koen Verhoest
  • Air Navigation Services: a Market Analysis - by Sven Buyle
  • Economic, environmental, regulatory, and technological issues and trends for inland waterway transport - by Osama Al Enezy, Edwin van Hassel, Christa Sys, Thierry Vanelslander
  • The geography of online shoppers in Belgium - by Joris Beckers, Ivan Cardenas, Wouter Dewulf, Ann Verhetsel
  • ICT innovation developed along the maritime supply chain: does (semi-)open innovation leads to a more cost-effective outcome? - by Valentin Carlan, Christa Sys, Thierry Vanelslander
  • Cost-benefit evaluation of e-commerce last-mile deliveries. A case study on the Parcel Mailboxes in Mechelen - by Ivan Cardenas, Thierry Vanelslander, Wouter Dewulf
  • Assessment of competition on the new european rail freight market - by Florent Laroche, Christa Sys, Eddy Van de Voorde, Thierry Vanelslander
  • The future labour market in the port of Antwerp: development of different scenarios for 2027 - by Anton Esser, Christa Sys, Thierry Vanelslander, Ann Verhetsel

April 2017

  • Wouter Dewulf presented on 'Strategies of Air Cargo Operators and the Importance of the Hub', and assisted in the panel discussions on 'Air Cargo and Logistic Strategies for the new Istanbul Airport' at the '3rd Istanbul Hub Conference', Ozyegin University, Faculty of Aviation Management
  • Thomas Verlinden presented at Cork Smart Gateway visit on ‘Smart city research: urban logistics and mobility’
  • Edwin van Hassel presented at OECD on ‘The implementation and evaluation of the energy efficiency design index (EEDI) : the future emission mitigation of three main shipping segments’
  • Valentin Carlan presented at University of British Columbia on ‘Oil spill response in/and around ports: best practices from Europe’
  • Joris Beckers presented at AAG Annual Meeting (Boston) on ‘Spatial network analysis to identify social and geographical proximities in socio-economic datasets’

December 2016

  • Christa Sys moderated the session ‘World population growth and economic and social evolutions: megacities, poverty, migration, epidemics, infrastructure, transport, …’during the Young Researchers Overseas' Day, Royal Academy Overseas Sciences, Brussels
  • TPR students participated to two port visits hosted by Port of Antwerp
  • Thierry Vanelslander participated to the PhD jury of Marion Magnan, who successfully defended her PhD at Université Paris I, on the topic of ‘La production et la gestion de l’espace portuaire à vocation industrielle et logistique’
  • Joost Hintjens presented the work-in-process status of his PhD research on port cooperation to the Flemish-Dutch Delta, a quarterly meeting of the governors of Flanders and the Netherlands of the provinces surrounding the estuarium of the rivers, Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt
  • Joris Beckers lectured on ‘Diving into communities, deriving node properties out of the Louvain method’ at CORE seminar, Louvain-la-Neuve

November 2016

TPR @ Doctoral Day Faculty of Applied Economics

On the annual Doctoral Day of the Faculty of Applied Economics on 30 November 2016, following presentations were given by junior TPR researchers:

  • The e-commerce parcel delivery market and the implications of home B2C deliveries vs pick-up points
  • Design of a cost calculation instrument for the inland navigation sector
  • Investigating access to jobs in a spatial and social context – The case study of Belgium
  • Performance of transport infrastructure projects after crisis: which are the key factors affecting?
  • Capacity investment size and timing in a port under uncertainty
  • The role of the freight forwarder in the air cargo industry
  • Estimating the cost effects of urban policies on the retail supply chains
  • Beyond co-location, including inter-firm relations to identify clusters: community detection in the logistics sector in Belgium


  • Franziska Kupfer presented at COST ATARD meeting “Economic Importance of Air Transport and Airport Activities in Belgium”.

  • Christa Sys lectured on ‘Setting the scene, what will be the future? What is the impact of the new alliances’ at European Shippers’ Council · Maritime Day, Barcelona

  • Eddy Van de Voorde lectured on ‘Learning from the neighbour’ at the Eight City of London Biennial Meeting “Striving for Stability in a Highly Uncertain World”, The Costas Grammenos Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance, London.
  • Christa Sys actively contributed to the ‘Beroepencarroussel’ at Ahlers, in collaboration with VEA jongeren, The Young Potentials ASV, Belgian Customs, Zuidnatie, Atlas Copco and Pionira.
  • Thierry Vanelslander and Eleni Moschouli, together with Koen Verhoest and Raden Murwantara, presented on ‘Performance of Transport Infrastructure Projects Before and After the Global Financial Crisis (GFC): has the GFC affected the relevant conditions?’ at Fifth International Public-Private Partnership Conference, Antwerp.
  • Eddy Van de Voorde and Katrien De Langhe lectured on ‘Zegen of gesel? Transport en logistiek in Vlaanderen anno 2016’, at  Actueel Denken en Leven, Kortrijk-Wevelgem.
  • Thierry Vanelslander presented on ‘Future trends in transporting different commodities’ at FERRMED Conference, Brussels.
  • Thierry Vanelslander and Joost Hintjens, together with Bart Kuipers and Martijn Van der Horst, presented on ‘De Kracht van de Innovatieve Maakindustrie in de Vlaams-Nederlandse Delta at VND-conferentie 2016, Ghent.
  • Thierry Vanelslander, together with Athena Roumboutsos, presented on ‘Investment in Transport Infrastructure: Findings from the BENEFIT H2020 Project’ at TransportNET Rail Policy Seminar 2016, Lyon.
  • Wouter Dewulf was lecturing on ‘Transport Economics’ @ Chongqing University.
  • Hilde Meersman and Eddy Van de Voorde lectured on ‘Analysis of the Maritime and Port Sector’ and ‘Strategies and Uncertainties in the Maritime and Port Sector’ at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Ann Verhetsel took the students of the Master in Real Estate of the Antwerp Management School to London. They explored developments on the Southbank, retail in and around Covent garden, office developments in the City and the edge of the City, and finally the London Docklands, happy to reach Canary Wharf at the end of the day.

 Students of the Master in Real Estate of the Antwerp Management School in London

October 2016

TPR @ European Transport Conference 2016

  • Brain trains: macro-economic effects of rail freight transport in Belgium
  • Impact of the new Panama Canal on the competitiveness of Hamburg - Le Havre range ports
  • Bunkering choice determinants: a case study on LNG in Antwerp
  • Urban logistics regulation schemes and solutions: good practices and functional conditions
  • Read more on the European Transport Conference

TPR @ VREF Conference on Urban Freight 2016

  • Simulation of different scenarios for urban parcel distribution in Antwerp
  • An impact assessment of urban space sharing initiatives: the case of hotel-Restaurant-Café (Ho.Re.Ca.) logistics in medieval structured cities
  • Urban retail logistics: key characteristics, innovations and trends
  • Modelling the spatial characteristics in the urban goods distribution: the case of B2C e-commerce
  • Read more on the VREF Conference on Urban Freight


  • Thierry Vanelslander was lecturing on ‘Port Economics’ @ Chongqing University
  • ‘Identifying financing, funding, governance and business model settings contributing to transport infrastructure projects having a higher chance of being successful’ by Eleni Moschouli, Athena Roumboutsos and Thierry Vanelslander @ Smart Transportation Alliance Technical Roundtable
  • ‘Innovation in ports and logistics’ by Christa Sys @ Dag van de Verlader
  • ‘Key elements of the financing of the inland waterways transport sector’ by Christa Sys @ Seminar ‘Waterways for smart transport: Challenges & successes’, Brussels
  • ‘Quelle regulation économique pour quelle organization du marché du fret ferroviaire? Le cas belge.’ by Florent Laroche @ Colloque Competitivite des Chemins de Fer et des-Cheminots, Bourgogne
  • ‘It’s all about competitiveness!’ by Eddy Van de Voorde @ 3rd Convegno Nazionale ‘Porti e navigazione: Mediterraneo e sistemi di trasporto’
  • ‘It’s not that better in the North. Critical reflections on port competition’ by Eddy Van de Voorde @ XXII Convegno Internazionale SIDT, Rome
  • ‘Co.innovatie om te (overleven) winnen’ by Christa Sys @ Shortsea shipping workshop, Brussels
  • Ann Verhetsel organized a fieldtrip to London for the Urban Planners Association (VRP – Vlaamse vereniging voor Ruimte en Planning). Dynamics in urban economics in retail (Convent garden/Spitalfields), offices (the City/Shoreditch/ Docklands), and residential real estate (Southbank) were at stake. The start at the Sky garden was a real eye opener, and the Brexit was ever present.
  • ‘Port Infrastructure Finance’ by Eddy Van de Voorde and 'Transportation research for a changing future’ by Hilde Meersman @ Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

September 2016