Imagining and disentangling future cities and infrastructures

Lunch seminar Martijn van den Hurk

This lunch seminar is postponed.
In collaboration with: Politics & Public Governance research group

Martijn van den HurkMartijn van den Hurk is a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University, currently co-authoring a book titled ‘Neighbourhoods for the Future’ at the Urban Futures Studio. He is also a fellow at the research hub ‘Transforming Infrastructures for Sustainable Cities’ (Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning), where he conducts transdisciplinary research aimed at understanding the governance arrangements that enable and sustain transitions of urban infrastructures and city building.

Previously he was based at the University of Amsterdam, and he was a visiting researcher at the University of Toronto. Martijn obtained his Ph.D. degree in Political Science at the University of Antwerp (2015). More broadly his scholarly interests lie in the concepts of urban regeneration, infrastructure planning, public-private partnerships, contracts, and the future. He has published in planning and public administration journals, including International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Policy Sciences, Public Management Review, and Urban Studies.

Imagining and disentangling future cities and infrastructures

Martijn will be happy to have a conversation with you about his scholarship as well as the work of the Urban Futures Studio (UFS) at large. The UFS studies urban futures and ways to get there, both by conducting empirical research on existing practices and by helping to initiate experiments.

After a general discussion of the UFS, Martijn will delve into depth about the book project ‘Neighbourhoods for the Future’, presenting the central argument of the book and some of the key takeaways from case studies in Malmö, Toronto, and Utrecht.

Finally, as he is exploring the development of a mobility concept in collaboration with the City of Utrecht, Martijn will talk about the nitty-gritty of future governance arrangements in an urban regeneration project in Utrecht. This research project is called ‘The Algorithmic Studio’ and revolves around designing and operating a public value-based algorithm for the operation of a digital mobility platform.

Throughout the session, there will be plenty of room for discussion.


Lunch seminar Martijn van den Hurk (16.01.2020)

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