Staff and budget shortages make it difficult to provide appropriate social help and care for everyone. Can politicians, policymakers and social workers work together with religiously inspired care initiatives to address this shortage?

Aid initiatives from religiously inspired organizations are often looked upon with suspicion. Can they be trusted? Do they really want to help people or do they just want to win souls for their outdated ideas? Are they emancipatory enough, or does their charity work stand in the way of structural reforms? In short, do religious care initiatives really add value to the ‘neutral’ care system?

Petra Schipper (Protestant Social Centre Antwerp), an expert in religiously inspired solidarity, and Koen Geirnaert (OCMW Ghent), an expert from a Flemish government agency, will discuss some persistent prejudices about religiously inspired social work.

This is the opening session of the workshop Belief in Solidarity, organized by UCSIA, The Urban Studies Institute, and Centre Pieter Gillis, in collaboration with Tertio. Scholars and professionals in the social sector are welcome to attend the academic programme on 12 and 13 December.

Practical details

  • ​Monday 11 December 2023, 8.30 - 9.30 p.m.
  • UAntwerp, Hof Van Liere - F. de Tassis Room
    Prinsstraat 13 2000 Antwerpen
  • Free entrance after registration