Presentations at ESHRE 2021


Oral presentation
Dietary caloric normalization or restriction as preconception care strategies: impact on oocyte developmental competence and quality in high fat/high sugar-induced obese outbred mice
by Anouk Smits, PhDs

Presentatations at IETS 2019

46th Annual Conference of the IETS
January 16–19, 2020, New York, New York
Oral presentation
Dietary caloric normalization or restriction as preconception care strategies: impact on metabolic health and fertility in high fat-induced obese outbred mice. (pdf, 103kB)
by Anouk Smits, PhDs, MSc
Poster presentation
Trolox during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes protects developing embryos from palmitic acid-induced lipotoxicity. (pdf, 85kB)
by Jessie De Bie, PhD, MSc

Presentations at AETE 2019

35th Scientific meeting of the AETE in Murcia, Spain
From the 13th to the 14th of September 2019
Oral presentation
Trolox during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes can protect embryos from palmitic acid induced lipotoxicity during development: effects on mRNA transcript abundance (pdf, 112kB)
by Jessie De Bie, MSc, PhD, Post-Doc
Poster presentation
Protective effects of Mitoquinone during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes under lipotoxic conditions (pdf, 80kB)
by Waleed Marei, DVM, PhD, Post-Doc
Effect of different culture conditions on bovine embryos derived from metabolically-compromised oocytes (pdf, 103kB)
by Anouk Smits, MSc, PhDs

Presentations at ECAR 2019

First Symposium of the European College of Animal Reproduction,
Vienna, Austria, 4-6 July 2019
Key note lecture
Gonadal tissue conservation
by Prof. Peter Bols, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECAR 
Poster presentation
The use of alginate beads for the vitrification of isolated bovine pre‐antral follicles (pdf, 102kB)
by Anniek Bus, DVM, PhDs

Presentations at IETS 2019

Presentations at AETE 2018

Presentation at ISFP 2017

5TH BIENNIAL WORLD CONGRESS, International Society for Fertility Preservation (ISFP), Vienna, Austria. November 16-18, 2017
A comparison between 2D and 3D systems for the vitrification of isolated bovine pre-antral follicles (pdf, 341 kB)
by Anniek Bus, DVM, PhDs

Presentations at AETE 2017

Poster presentations at ESDAR 2017

Oral presentation at Society for Reproductive Research 2016

Effect of embryo culture conditions on developmental potential of bovine oocytes matured under lipotoxic conditions (pdf, 321 kB)

by Anouk Smits

Annual Meeting of the Society for Reproductive Research (Vereniging voor Fertiliteitsstudie), Stadskasteel Oudaen, Utrecht, the Netherlands,  9the December 2016

Presentations at AETE 2016

Oral presentation at Euro Fed Lipid Congress 2016

Non-esterified fatty acid supplementation negatively affects in vitro bovine oviduct epithelial cell metabolism and transcriptome (pdf, 344 kB)

by Lies Jordaens

Fat, Oils and Lipids: Innovative Approaches towards a Sustainable Future, 14th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, 18-21th September 2016, Ghent

Presentations at ICAR 2016

Presentations at the COST conference 2015

Presentations at AETE 2015

Oral presentation

The effects of hypo- and hyperglycemia during lipolysis-like conditions on bovine oocyte maturation, subsequent embryo development and glucose metabolism (pdf, 347 kB)

by Jessie De Bie, MSc, PhDs

Poster Presentations

The use of Neutral Red as a viability indicator hampers in vitro development of semi-nude bovine oocytes to the blastocyst stage (pdf, 318 kB)

by Eline Baetens

Omega-3 fatty acids enhance developmental competence of bovine oocytes under metabolic stress conditions in vitro (pdf, 345 kB)

by Waleed Marei, DVM, PhD, Post-Doc

Osmotic challange of bovine early pre-antral follicles with different cryoprectant agents (pdf, 358 kB)

by Hannelore De Porte

31st Scientific meeting of the European Embryo Transfer Association (AETE) 

Ghent, Belgium, 11-12th of September

Presentations at IETS 2015

Oral presentation

Elevated Non-Esterified Fatty Acid concentrations hamper in vitro Bovine Oviductal Epithelial Cell Physiology (pdf, 395 kB)

by Lies Jordaens, DVM, PhDs

Poster presentations

The effect of short versus long term elevated non-esterified fatty acid concentrations during murine in vitro follicle growth on oocyte developmental competence (pdf, 313 kB)

by Sara Valckx, MSc, PhDs

Adding serum of cows supplemented with b-carotene during bovine in vitro embryo culture has no effect on embryo development (pdf, 335 kB)

by Jessie De Bie, MSc, PhDs

41st Annual Conference of the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS)

Versailles, France, January 10-13, 2015

Oral presentations at AETE 2014

Presentations at International Cow Fertility Conference 2014

Oral presentation

β-carotene supplementation to non-lactating dairy cows can restore β-carotene availability in the follicular environment under negative energy balance conditions (pdf, 324 kB)

by Jessie De Bie, MSc, PhDs

Poster presentation

Elevated non-esterified fatty acid concentrations during bovine oocyte maturation influences DNA methylation in blastocysts (pdf, 317 kB)

by Karolien Desmet, DVM, PhDs

International Cow Fertility Conference, Mayo, Ireland

Sunday 18 - Wednesday 21 May 2014

Presentations at IETS 2014

Oral presentation

The effect of β-mercaptoethanol on cleavage rates, developmenta competence and quality of in vitro produced bovine embryos (pdf, 418 kB)

by Emilia Rosa Lliteras DVM, MSc, PhDs

presented by Ellen Jorssen MSc, PhDs at the conference

Poster presentation

The effect of 17α-ethinylestradiol exposure of in vitro cultured bovine morulae on subsequent embryonic developmental competence and quality (pdf, 347 kB)

by Ellen Jorssen, MSc, PhDs

International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) Annual Meeting

January 11-14, 2014, Reno, Nevada

Oral presentation at ISFP 2013

Neutral Red as viability marker for isolated, bovine pre-antral ovarian follicles: optimal concentration and incubation time (pdf, 258 kB)

by An Langbeen, DVM, PhDs

International Society for Fertility Preservation (ISFP)

Nov 7-9, 2013, Valencia, Spain

Oral presentation at Research Day 2013

Xenotransplantation of bovine ovarian cortex tissue in SCID mice to study pre-antral follicular development: determination of the optimal graft site (pdf, 066 kB)

by An Langbeen, DVM, PhDs

Research Day UAntwerp
Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
October 25, 2013, Antwerp, Belgium

Oral presentation at FOD symposium Dierenwelzijn 2013

Alternatieven voor proefdierengebruik in de toxiciteitsscreening : ontwikkeling en standaardisatie van een bovien in vitro follikel en embryo kweeksysteem voor de evaluatie van chemische substanties en hun toxische effecten op de fertiliteit.

by Ellen Jorssen, MSc, PhDs

6e jaarlijks symposium

Contractueel Onderzoek – DG Dier, Plant en Voeding

Dierenwelzijn verbeteren: wie (onder)zoekt die vindt!

22 oktober 2013, Zuidertoren – Europazaal, 1060 Brussel

PROGRAM (pdf, 209 kB)