Recent research

Recent research

Effects of vitrification on the viability of alginate encapsulated isolated bovine pre-antral follicles

Anniek Bus, Veerle van Hoeck, An Langbeen, Jo L. M. R. Leroy, Peter E. J. Bols, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics

Vitrification of isolated bovine pre-antral follicles using a commercial vetrification kit

Bus A, Merckx E, Andries S, Leroy JLMR, Bols PEJ

ICAR 2016

Osmotic challange of bovine early pre-antral follicles with different cryoprectant agents

De Porte H.F.M. , Andries S., Bus A., Langbeen A., Baetens E., Leroy J.L.M.R., Bols P.E.J.

AETE 2015



Morphometrical analysis of preantral follicular survival of VEGF-treated bovine ovarian cortex tissue following xenotransplantation in an immune deficient mouse model

Langbeen et al, Animal Reproduction Science, Volume 168, May 2016, Pages 73–85

Bovine in vitro reproduction models can contribute to the development of (female) fertility preservation strategies

Langbeen et al, Theriogenology 84:4(2015), p. 477-489

Morphologic characterization of isolated bovine early preantral follicles during short-term individual in vitro culture

Jorssen et al, Theriogenology 84(2015),p. 301-311

Characterization of freshly retrieved preantral follicles using a low-invasive, mechanical isolation method extended to different ruminant species

Langbeen et al, Zygote: biology of gametes and early embryos, 23:5(2015), p. 683-694




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