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B-Q MINDED Summer School (26/08 - 30/08/2019)

This B-Q MINDED Summer School, powered by the Antwerp Summer University, provides an intensive, multidisciplinary course in the field of quantitative MRI (Q-MRI) for improving diagnosis of brain disorders. This course is part of a collaborative EU-funded project (MSCA ETN) European Training Network consisting of 15 Early Stage Researchers (PhD-positions) that aims to prepare a new generation of scientists who will turn MRI from a qualitative to a quantitative imaging technique.

The Summer School is open to non B-Q MINDED students as well. Special attention is given to the development of transferable skills that are essential for a successful professional career.


  • Basic Lab Skills in Computer Science (CUDA).

  • Outreach Strategy and drafting personal outreach plan.

  • Code of conduct for research integrity: theory and hands-on session.

  • Introduction to functional MRI (fMRI) and perfusion-weighted imaging (FWI).

  • Course and workshop on existing Q-MRI platforms.

  • MRI in recent studies - hands-on session.

  • Theory on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI in radiology and integration in medical imaging.

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MRtrix3 workshop (9/9 - 13/09/2019)

This year’s workshop will be held in Antwerp, Belgium:

date & time: 9am Monday 9 till 2pm Friday 13 September 2019

location: University of Antwerp, in the old town of Antwerp, Belgium

attendance: 60-80 delegates

cost: €500 / 750 / 1000 per person for student / academic / industry attendees. This will include venue hire, coffee breaks, lunches, and a welcome dinner, but will exclude accommodation


This 4½ day hands-on workshop will cover the theory and practice of diffusion analysis, covering the range of techniques available within MRtrix3.

Participants will each be provided with a laptop, pre-installed with the relevant software and data. Participants who wish to bring their own laptops or data are of course welcome to do so, and we will do our best to accommodate them.


After completing this MRtrix3 course, participants should be able to process, analyze, and visualize their own diffusion MRI data sets using MRtrix3 tools.

Head over to this link to find a detailed program and practical information and to register for the workshop!

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