Research mission

The research domain of Vision Lab is digital image processing and pattern recognition in general. The long term research of Vision Lab aims at the development of advanced statistical techniques for the processing and analysis of imaging material. This includes model based statistical techniques and multiresolution techniques, with applications in image reconstruction, image restoration, image segmentation and classification. The research is validated in 2 domains of application: biomedical imaging and remote sensing. The available biomedical imaging modalities are CT and MRI. At Vision Lab, a Micro-CT machine was developed, in cooperation with the company Skyscan. On this machine, research is conducted on image reconstruction. For MRI, Vision Lab cooperates with the Bio-Imaging Lab and with the department of Radiology of the University Hospital of Antwerp. Research is conducted on functional MRI and Diffusion Tensor MRI. For remote sensing, Vision Lab cooperates with the department of 'Teledetection and Atmospherical Processes' of the Flemish Institute of Technological Research (VITO) and the research group TELIN of the University of Ghent. Research is conducted on classification and modelbased image restoration (denoising).