The coronavirus is affecting all of us, at home and at work. But despite the major impact on our whole society, Port of Antwerp remains operational. We all know how important it is to keep supermarkets and pharmacies supplied these days, in Belgium and in Europe. The port of Antwerp has to remain fully operational in this challenging period.

Do you want to apply your research to the benefit of this situation and see what the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 implies on the 2nd largest harbor in Europe implies? What is the Port Authority doing about staffing? What will be the economic impact? Will port operations (including locks, bridges, tugs etc.) remain assured at all times? What will be the impact on the supply chain? How to remain 100% operational while teleworking? What will be the impact on global trade? How will the post-CORONA maritime world look like? Are there already significant changes in shipping activities? Will the logistics world become more digital?

Some of the answers you can already find on the Coronavirus update page of the Port of Antwerp.

Port of Antwerp invites you to help to investigate this situation and look into the future, the post COVID-19 maritime world. From your perspective, what do you think the Port of Antwerp should be ready for? If you have any questions, suggestions and potential research topics, please contact Svetlana Samsonova.

More about the strategic partnership with the Port of Antwerp:

UAntwerp has a long-lasting strategic partnership with the Port of Antwerp since 2006. In the last 14 years many research projects have been realized in cooperation with and with the support of the Port of Antwerp. The research subjects differ from economics, safety and security, IT technology to ecosystem & sediment management, air and water quality, climate change. To name several recent projects:

  • Ecosystem audit Smart Shipping
  • Evaluation of the air quality sensors for the detection and identification of gaseous components
  • Plastic flux in the Scheldt
  • Plastic pellets monitoring in the harbor area
  • Accommodation space: sediment analysis
  • Smart asphalt
  • Hyperspectral camera based oil spill detection
  • Etc. etc.

For questions, please feel free to contact Svetlana Samsonova, project manager Port of the Future.